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Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.952751, Longitude: -70.66996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, James Albert  21 Nov 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137408 Burgess 
2 Adams, John  22 Nov 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86791 Burgess 
3 Allen, Jane Elizabeth  7 Apr 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I10211 Burgess 
4 Atwood, Adoniram J.  27 Mar 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Burgess 
5 Atwood, Alice M.  1875Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188251 Burgess 
6 Atwood, Edward Winslow  22 Dec 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89071 Burgess 
7 Atwood, Elizabeth E.  27 May 1869Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188250 Burgess 
8 Atwood, Emeline  19 Dec 1815Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Burgess 
9 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  Oct 1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89069 Burgess 
10 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  27 Mar 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17523 Burgess 
11 Atwood, Harriet Elizabeth  22 Feb 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Burgess 
12 Atwood, Helen C.  10 Sep 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89067 Burgess 
13 Atwood, Helen James  29 Jan 1878Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188252 Burgess 
14 Atwood, James Morton  26 Feb 1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burgess 
15 Atwood, John  30 Sep 1778Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156185 Burgess 
16 Atwood, John  9 Oct 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Burgess 
17 Atwood, John Murray  Dec 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126637 Burgess 
18 Atwood, John Murray  4 Jun 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burgess 
19 Atwood, Miranda Bugbee  1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Burgess 
20 Atwood, Morton Field  1 Jun 1901Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89078 Burgess 
21 Atwood, Nancy  25 Oct 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126649 Burgess 
22 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  12 Feb 1829Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Burgess 
23 Atwood, Paulina Wiswell  21 Mar 1845Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Burgess 
24 Atwood, William  7 Apr 1811Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burgess 
25 Atwood, William Franklin  26 Jul 1867Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Burgess 
26 Atwood, William Wiswell  19 Sep 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I44820 Burgess 
27 Badger, Patience A.  Dec 1863Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I583337 Burgess 
28 Bailey, Mary Foster  1874Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191603 Burgess 
29 Barnes, Alice B.  1869Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192522 Burgess 
30 Barnes, Annie F.  1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192527 Burgess 
31 Barnes, Betsey W.  1833Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134030 Burgess 
32 Barnes, Caroline F.  8 Sep 1834Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134191 Burgess 
33 Barnes, Charles B.  17 Dec 1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192531 Burgess 
34 Barnes, Charles C.  18 May 1838Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134193 Burgess 
35 Barnes, Charles Herbert  1861Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192516 Burgess 
36 Barnes, Ellis D.  29 Jun 1831Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134190 Burgess 
37 Barnes, Francelia A.  Jul 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188149 Burgess 
38 Barnes, Georgiana  1834Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134340 Burgess 
39 Barnes, Hannah  1718Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1975 Burgess 
40 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  20 Jun 1817Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Burgess 
41 Barnes, Helen  1 Sep 1838Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17529 Burgess 
42 Barnes, Jane Emily  27 Feb 1813Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Burgess 
43 Barnes, Jennie L.  12 Sep 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192530 Burgess 
44 Barnes, Lizzie Winslow  1 Nov 1858Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134131 Burgess 
45 Barnes, Mercy C.  16 Nov 1838Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I176655 Burgess 
46 Barnes, Nancy Paty  Abt 1822Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95610 Burgess 
47 Barnes, Southworth  1808Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134182 Burgess 
48 Barnes, William  2 Jan 1760Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134031 Burgess 
49 Barnes, William  Dec 1795Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192501 Burgess 
50 Barnes, William M.  16 Apr 1822Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134186 Burgess 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, John  14 Jul 1782Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156185 Burgess 
2 Churchill, Benjamin  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1991 Burgess 
3 Churchill, Ephraim  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I112 Burgess 
4 Churchill, Nathaniel  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1988 Burgess 
5 Churchill, Stephen  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1974 Burgess 
6 Churchill, Zacheus  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1990 Burgess 
7 Drew, Lydia  13 Nov 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I384 Burgess 
8 Drew, Mary  4 Dec 1774Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I380 Burgess 
9 Drew, Priscilla  13 Nov 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I383 Burgess 
10 Drew, Sarah  13 Nov 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I382 Burgess 
11 Drew, William  13 Nov 1773Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I381 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Edward Winslow  12 Mar 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89071 Burgess 
2 Atwood, Emeline  16 Jan 1819Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Burgess 
3 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  4 Sep 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89069 Burgess 
4 Atwood, Harriet Elizabeth  29 Jun 1842Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Burgess 
5 Atwood, Helen James  24 Dec 1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188252 Burgess 
6 Atwood, James Morton  20 Jun 1899Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burgess 
7 Atwood, John  6 Feb 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156185 Burgess 
8 Atwood, John  1 Feb 1886Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Burgess 
9 Atwood, John Murray  13 Apr 1834Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126637 Burgess 
10 Atwood, Mary Ann  6 Oct 1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1963 Burgess 
11 Atwood, Morton Field  27 Feb 1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89078 Burgess 
12 Atwood, Nancy  7 Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1964 Burgess 
13 Atwood, Nancy  21 Aug 1809Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126649 Burgess 
14 Atwood, Paulina Wiswell  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Burgess 
15 Atwood, Paulina Wiswell  18 Aug 1844Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95249 Burgess 
16 Atwood, Reliance Crowell  1907Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I93350 Burgess 
17 Atwood, William  11 Jul 1887Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burgess 
18 Atwood, William Wiswell  28 Sep 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I44820 Burgess 
19 Badger, Patience A.  1919Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I583337 Burgess 
20 Bailey, Mary Foster  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191603 Burgess 
21 Ballou, Sarah H.  26 Mar 1891Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95624 Burgess 
22 Barnes, Annie F.  4 Jun 1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192527 Burgess 
23 Barnes, Caroline F.  1 Feb 1916Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134191 Burgess 
24 Barnes, Charles C.  6 Mar 1901Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134193 Burgess 
25 Barnes, Hannah  12 Jun 1793Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1975 Burgess 
26 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  11 Aug 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Burgess 
27 Barnes, Jane Emily  1891Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Burgess 
28 Barnes, Lizzie Winslow  15 Feb 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134131 Burgess 
29 Barnes, Mercy C.  24 Dec 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I176655 Burgess 
30 Barnes, Nancy Paty  17 Oct 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95610 Burgess 
31 Barnes, Southworth  29 Oct 1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134182 Burgess 
32 Barnes, William  30 Apr 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192501 Burgess 
33 Barnes, William M.  9 Feb 1894Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134186 Burgess 
34 Barnes, Winslow C.  11 Oct 1899Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134188 Burgess 
35 Bartlett, Abigail Washburn  10 Oct 1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101451 Burgess 
36 Bartlett, Benjamin K.  11 Oct 1973Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I194013 Burgess 
37 Bartlett, Earl  3 Feb 1916Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I194014 Burgess 
38 Bartlett, Elston K.  13 Jul 1973Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I194029 Burgess 
39 Bartlett, Ephraim Dimon  2 Sep 1922Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I193999 Burgess 
40 Bartlett, Joseph Martin  30 Jul 2001Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I194022 Burgess 
41 Bartlett, Lucy Achsah  Abt 1984Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I194020 Burgess 
42 Bartlett, Mary  5 May 1875Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95647 Burgess 
43 Bartlett, Son  13 Dec 1874Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I184873 Burgess 
44 Bates, Charles C.  12 Jan 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95618 Burgess 
45 Bates, Ruby  1894Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I905 Burgess 
46 Bates, Sarah  26 Oct 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95619 Burgess 
47 Bennett, Braman L.  6 Aug 1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95683 Burgess 
48 Bennett, Mary C.  16 Feb 1902Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I184931 Burgess 
49 Bennett, Nathaniel S.  8 Oct 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98839 Burgess 
50 Bennett, Nattie  7 Oct 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124252 Burgess 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ella C.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126638 Burgess 
2 Mary S.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124285 Burgess 
3 Atwood, Edward Winslow  14 Mar 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89071 Burgess 
4 Atwood, Emeline  Jan 1819Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Burgess 
5 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89069 Burgess 
6 Atwood, James Morton  Jun 1899Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burgess 
7 Atwood, John  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Burgess 
8 Atwood, John  Feb 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156185 Burgess 
9 Atwood, John Murray  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126637 Burgess 
10 Atwood, John Murray  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burgess 
11 Atwood, Nancy  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126649 Burgess 
12 Atwood, Nancy  Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1964 Burgess 
13 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Burgess 
14 Atwood, William  Jul 1887Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burgess 
15 Atwood, William Bradford  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89079 Burgess 
16 Atwood, William Franklin  Oct 1944Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Burgess 
17 Bailey, Mary Foster  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191603 Burgess 
18 Barnes, Hannah  Jun 1793Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1975 Burgess 
19 Barnes, Helen  11 Jun 1911Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17529 Burgess 
20 Bartlett, Thelma Stevens  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I194006 Burgess 
21 Bates, Charles C.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95618 Burgess 
22 Bates, Sarah  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95619 Burgess 
23 Bradford, Allen  Apr 1876Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I152837 Burgess 
24 Bugbee, Aurina  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17525 Burgess 
25 Burbank, Alfred Stevens  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191597 Burgess 
26 Burbank, Elisabeth Ann  Sep 1905Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143942 Burgess 
27 Burbank, Hannah Bradford  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191596 Burgess 
28 Burbank, Stephen Mason  Jan 1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191600 Burgess 
29 Burgess, Abner  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95633 Burgess 
30 Burgess, Captain Abner S.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86185 Burgess 
31 Burgess, Catherine E.  23 Dec 1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86799 Burgess 
32 Burgess, Charles Davis  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101508 Burgess 
33 Burgess, Charlotte Thomas  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86911 Burgess 
34 Burgess, Deborah  14 Dec 1907Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95640 Burgess 
35 Burgess, Frederick  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95679 Burgess 
36 Burgess, Georgiana  Oct 1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86904 Burgess 
37 Burgess, Harvey C.  Jun 1892Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99135 Burgess 
38 Burgess, Henry  Jun 1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86858 Burgess 
39 Burgess, Isaac L.  Dec 1875Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99136 Burgess 
40 Burgess, Isaac S.  Sep 1925Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86908 Burgess 
41 Burgess, Jabez  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I87656 Burgess 
42 Burgess, Jennie M.  Mar 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99134 Burgess 
43 Burgess, Captain John  May 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burgess 
44 Burgess, John Allyne  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95605 Burgess 
45 Burgess, Joseph William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95603 Burgess 
46 Burgess, Louis Bartlett  21 Jan 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66472 Burgess 
47 Burgess, Captain Nathan  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2239 Burgess 
48 Burgess, Nathan  31 Jul 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66474 Burgess 
49 Burgess, Nathaniel  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99091 Burgess 
50 Burgess, Norman W.  18 Jul 1914Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I171061 Burgess 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada H.  1930Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I583343 Burgess 
2 Flora L.  1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I186542 Burgess 
3 Mary S.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124285 Burgess 
4 Adams, Benjamin Nye  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86788 Burgess 
5 Adams, James Albert  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137408 Burgess 
6 Adams, John L.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137409 Burgess 
7 Adams, Sophia L.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86790 Burgess 
8 Anderson, Sarah  1920Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99031 Burgess 
9 Atwood, Adoniram J.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Burgess 
10 Atwood, Alice M.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188251 Burgess 
11 Atwood, Elizabeth E.  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188250 Burgess 
12 Atwood, Elizabeth E.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188250 Burgess 
13 Atwood, Elizabeth E.  1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188250 Burgess 
14 Atwood, Elizabeth E.  1920Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188250 Burgess 
15 Atwood, Helen C.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89067 Burgess 
16 Atwood, Helen James  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188252 Burgess 
17 Atwood, James Morton  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burgess 
18 Atwood, James Morton  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burgess 
19 Atwood, John  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Burgess 
20 Atwood, John  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156185 Burgess 
21 Atwood, John Murray  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burgess 
22 Atwood, Mary Ann  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1963 Burgess 
23 Atwood, Miranda Bugbee  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Burgess 
24 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Burgess 
25 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Burgess 
26 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Burgess 
27 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Burgess 
28 Atwood, Paulina Wiswell  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Burgess 
29 Atwood, William Franklin  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Burgess 
30 Atwood, William Franklin  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Burgess 
31 Badger, Patience A.  1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I583337 Burgess 
32 Badger, Patience A.  1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I583337 Burgess 
33 Bailey, Mary Foster  1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191603 Burgess 
34 Bailey, Mary Foster  1920Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191603 Burgess 
35 Bailey, Mary Foster  1930Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191603 Burgess 
36 Ballou, Sarah H.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95624 Burgess 
37 Ballou, Sarah H.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95624 Burgess 
38 Barnes, Alice B.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192522 Burgess 
39 Barnes, Annie F.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192527 Burgess 
40 Barnes, Caroline F.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134191 Burgess 
41 Barnes, Charles B.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192531 Burgess 
42 Barnes, Charles C.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134193 Burgess 
43 Barnes, Charles C.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134193 Burgess 
44 Barnes, Ellis D.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134190 Burgess 
45 Barnes, Georgiana  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134340 Burgess 
46 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Burgess 
47 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Burgess 
48 Barnes, Helen  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17529 Burgess 
49 Barnes, Jane Emily  1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Burgess 
50 Barnes, Jane Emily  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Burgess 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Thomas  3 Mar 1652Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2195 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Thomas  17 Feb 1670Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2195 Burgess 

Government Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Government Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Stephen  1727Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1985 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bradford, Lieutenant Prince  1814Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143859 Burgess 
2 Drew, Captain Josiah Russell  30 Apr 1861Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I849 Burgess 

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Captain Stephen  1774-1781Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Edward Leland  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124109 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Harvey C.  1890-1892Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99135 Burgess 
3 Burgess, John S.  1893Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130884 Burgess 
4 Churchill, Otis  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143881 Burgess 
5 Churchill, William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143879 Burgess 
6 Churchill, William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143879 Burgess 
7 Drew, Austin Russell  1860-1872Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I218 Burgess 
8 Drew, David  1830-1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16 Burgess 
9 Drew, Ellis  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I231 Burgess 
10 Drew, Harrison Warren  1855-1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I216 Burgess 
11 Harlow, Samuel H.  1890 - 93Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137407 Burgess 
12 Soule, George Frederick  1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I229 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Edward Weston  6 Mar 1924Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I388621 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brewster, Caroline  1893Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67047 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Edward Leland  1932Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124109 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Kenneth Warren  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I584311 Burgess 
4 Drew, David  1840-1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16 Burgess 
5 Drew, Ellis  1890-1893Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I231 Burgess 
6 Drew, Florence Mayhew  Abt 1910 - to her deathPlymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I220 Burgess 
7 Drew, Harrison Warren  1890-1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I216 Burgess 
8 Drew, Lydia Rider  1890Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I246 Burgess 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Edward Weston  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I388621 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Kenneth Warren  17 Sep 1918Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I584306 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Osborne J.  12 Sep 1918Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I147934 Burgess 
4 Cobb, Levi Russell  12 Sep 1918Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I193955 Burgess 
5 Dickson, Russell Luther  1918Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66972 Burgess 
6 Jackson, George Henry M. D.  1917Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I187133 Burgess 
7 Robbins, Heman Lester  5 Jun 1917Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175381 Burgess 

World War II Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War II Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dale, David Joseph  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I193618 Burgess 
2 Jackson, George Henry M. D.  1942Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I187133 Burgess 
3 Robbins, Heman Lester  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175381 Burgess 
4 Stevens, Alton Lee  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I188240 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Manter  22 Aug 1905Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36545 Burgess 
2 Atwood / Bugbee  23 Dec 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7824 Burgess 
3 Atwood / Churchill  3 Nov 1799Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1049 Burgess 
4 Atwood / Field  28 Jun 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33012 Burgess 
5 Atwood / Morton  1 Nov 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1055 Burgess 
6 Atwood / Thomas  3 Nov 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33011 Burgess 
7 Barnes / Burbank  1 Aug 1833Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48584 Burgess 
8 Barnes / Burgess  23 Jan 1862Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F64305 Burgess 
9 Barnes / Carver  27 May 1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48425 Burgess 
10 Barnes / Churchill  27 Aug 1821Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36196 Burgess 
11 Barnes / Dickson  1 Oct 1820Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F69774 Burgess 
12 Barnes / Diman  27 Nov 1851Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48508 Burgess 
13 Barnes / Holbrook  6 Feb 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48507 Burgess 
14 Barnes / Howland  6 Jul 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48510 Burgess 
15 Bartlett / Dickson  28 Jul 1877Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F70264 Burgess 
16 Bartlett / Drew  22 Mar 1798Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F338 Burgess 
17 Bartlett / Hoxie  15 Jun 1873Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F53224 Burgess 
18 Bartlett / Mitchell  29 Dec 1940Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F70274 Burgess 
19 Bartlett / Powers  19 Sep 1904Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F70267 Burgess 
20 Bates / Barnes  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F572 Burgess 
21 Bates / Burgess  26 Sep 1824Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32184 Burgess 
22 Bates / Goodwin  19 Dec 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36334 Burgess 
23 Bennett / Burgess  24 Jul 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F35386 Burgess 
24 Bennett / Finney  29 Mar 1911Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67366 Burgess 
25 Bennett / Sampson  21 Aug 1873Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36439 Burgess 
26 Blackmer / Brewster  20 Jun 1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F68083 Burgess 
27 Blackmer / Brewster  20 Jun 1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F69521 Burgess 
28 Blackmer / Manter  6 Dec 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F35388 Burgess 
29 Blackmer / Manter  30 Dec 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37122 Burgess 
30 Bradford / Churchill  24 Nov 1785Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1039 Burgess 
31 Bradford / Gibbs  27 Sep 1817Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52399 Burgess 
32 Bradford / Nye  3 Jan 1872Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F55694 Burgess 
33 Brewster / Bradford  15 May 1817Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52403 Burgess 
34 Bryant / Sampson  22 Jan 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36440 Burgess 
35 Burbank / Bailey  26 Sep 1894Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F69490 Burgess 
36 Burbank / Bradford  23 Jul 1823Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52401 Burgess 
37 Burbank / Doten  1 Jan 1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F69488 Burgess 
38 Burgess / Badger  29 May 1890Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F211254 Burgess 
39 Burgess / Barnes  5 Jul 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36187 Burgess 
40 Burgess / Barnes  3 Dec 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36190 Burgess 
41 Burgess / Bartlett  18 Apr 1816Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32187 Burgess 
42 Burgess / Bartlett  16 Apr 1843Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37274 Burgess 
43 Burgess / Bartlett  22 May 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36457 Burgess 
44 Burgess / Burgess  30 Jun 1833Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1195 Burgess 
45 Burgess / Burgess  3 Dec 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32191 Burgess 
46 Burgess / Burgess  Abt 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F8290 Burgess 
47 Burgess / Burgess  26 Jun 1894Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F134383 Burgess 
48 Burgess / Burns  24 Jul 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F68117 Burgess 
49 Burgess / Churchill  9 Aug 1838Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32385 Burgess 
50 Burgess / Churchill  28 Nov 1883Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F66053 Burgess 

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