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Albany, Albany, New York


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.65142, Longitude: -73.75526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Becker, Erastus Corning  13 Aug 1877Albany, Albany, New York I16760 7_families 
2 Bratt, Andries  Abt 1664Albany, Albany, New York I479600 7_families 
3 Bratt, Anna  Abt 1663Albany, Albany, New York I479602 7_families 
4 Bratt, Anna  1666Albany, Albany, New York I479598 7_families 
5 Bratt, Anna  1678Albany, Albany, New York I479585 7_families 
6 Bratt, Anthony  1657Albany, Albany, New York I479650 7_families 
7 Bratt, Anthony  23 Dec 1692Albany, Albany, New York I493001 7_families 
8 Bratt, Anthony  29 Sep 1723Albany, Albany, New York I479657 7_families 
9 Bratt, Barent  5 May 1687Albany, Albany, New York I479646 7_families 
10 Bratt, Benjamin  1 May 1698Albany, Albany, New York I479639 7_families 
11 Bratt, Daniel  22 Nov 1730Albany, Albany, New York I479653 7_families 
12 Bratt, Daniel  8 Sep 1734Albany, Albany, New York I479652 7_families 
13 Bratt, Daniel Barentse  1672Albany, Albany, New York I479595 7_families 
14 Bratt, Daniel Barentse  1677Albany, Albany, New York I479587 7_families 
15 Bratt, Dirck  31 Mar 1695Albany, Albany, New York I479640 7_families 
16 Bratt, Dirk  Abt 1659Albany, Albany, New York I479604 7_families 
17 Bratt, Dirk Barentse  1664Albany, Albany, New York I479599 7_families 
18 Bratt, Egbert  16 Feb 1701Albany, Albany, New York I479638 7_families 
19 Bratt, Isaac  1676Albany, Albany, New York I479590 7_families 
20 Bratt, Jacob  1674Albany, Albany, New York I479592 7_families 
21 Bratt, Johanna  1668Albany, Albany, New York I479594 7_families 
22 Bratt, Johannes  21 Oct 1737Albany, Albany, New York I479651 7_families 
23 Bratt, Johannes Barentse  1668Albany, Albany, New York I479596 7_families 
24 Bratt, Maritje Barentse  1660Albany, Albany, New York I479603 7_families 
25 Bratt, Rebecca  1682Albany, Albany, New York I479580 7_families 
26 Bratt, Sara  Abt 1679Albany, Albany, New York I479581 7_families 
27 Bratt, Teunis  16 Feb 1690Albany, Albany, New York I479644 7_families 
28 Bratt, Teunis  26 Nov 1725Albany, Albany, New York I479656 7_families 
29 Bratt, Willemtje  30 Jun 1718Albany, Albany, New York I493031 7_families 
30 Flint, Amelia  Abt 1738Albany, Albany, New York I75030701 7_families 
31 Huyck, Andries J.  Abt 1724Albany, Albany, New York I65323214 7_families 
32 Huyck, Burger  Abt 1687Albany, Albany, New York I65323234 7_families 
33 Huyck, Catharina  1682Albany, Albany, New York I65323230 7_families 
34 Huyck, Johannes  Abt 1680Albany, Albany, New York I65323215 7_families 
35 Huyck, Lambert  Abt 1684Albany, Albany, New York I65323231 7_families 
36 Ketel, Daniel  Abt 1671Albany, Albany, New York I501771 7_families 
37 Kip, Sophia  24 Oct 1816Albany, Albany, New York I16376706 7_families 
38 Metselaer, Anna  1664Albany, Albany, New York I479569 7_families 
39 Metselaer, Dirkje  Abt 1660Albany, Albany, New York I479570 7_families 
40 Metselaer, Egbert Teunisse  Abt 1656Albany, Albany, New York I479572 7_families 
41 Metselaer, Gerritje  Abt 1658Albany, Albany, New York I479571 7_families 
42 Metselaer, Maritje  Abt 1654Albany, Albany, New York I479573 7_families 
43 Metselaer, Martyn  1666Albany, Albany, New York I479568 7_families 
44 Metselaer, Willemptje Teunis  Abt 1661Albany, Albany, New York I479649 7_families 
45 Sanford, Jacob  3 Jun 1790Albany, Albany, New York I447878 7_families 
46 Santvoort, Willempje (William)  Feb 1758Albany, Albany, New York I441518 7_families 
47 Van Der Heyden, Agniet (Agnes)  28 Aug 1687Albany, Albany, New York I479633 7_families 
48 Van Der Heyden, Anna  1 Jan 1689Albany, Albany, New York I479632 7_families 
49 Van Der Heyden, Derick  19 Jun 1720Albany, Albany, New York I34972072 7_families 
50 Van Der Heyden, Dirk  7 Jan 1694Albany, Albany, New York I479629 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bratt, Ariaantje  1 Mar 1721Albany, Albany, New York I492988 7_families 
2 Bratt, Cornelia  30 Jun 1728Albany, Albany, New York I479654 7_families 
3 Bratt, Daniel  15 Jun 1708Albany, Albany, New York I479636 7_families 
4 Bratt, Egbert  26 Jul 1702Albany, Albany, New York I479638 7_families 
5 Bratt, Johannes  22 Jul 1705Albany, Albany, New York I479637 7_families 
6 Bratt, Lea (Twin)  2 Apr 1686Albany, Albany, New York I479648 7_families 
7 Bratt, Rachel (Twin)  2 Apr 1686Albany, Albany, New York I479647 7_families 
8 Bratt, Willemtje  30 Jun 1716Albany, Albany, New York I493031 7_families 
9 Dole, James  8 Aug 1768Albany, Albany, New York I493027 7_families 
10 Halebbeck, Maria  8 Mar 1724Albany, Albany, New York I34972100 7_families 
11 Huyck, Anna  31 Dec 1693Albany, Albany, New York I65323222 7_families 
12 Huyck, Cornelius  11 Mar 1688Albany, Albany, New York I65323221 7_families 
13 Huyck, Heiroon  2 Apr 1727Albany, Albany, New York I65323212 7_families 
14 Huyck, Johannes  28 Oct 1735Albany, Albany, New York I65323213 7_families 
15 Lansinckse, Captain Cornelius  6 Jul 1752Albany, Albany, New York I34972085 7_families 
16 Lansing, Leviinus  6 Aug 1749Albany, Albany, New York I34972094 7_families 
17 Santvoort, Willempje (William)  19 Nov 1758Albany, Albany, New York I441518 7_families 
18 Van Der Heyden, Alice  14 Jul 1754Albany, Albany, New York I34972084 7_families 
19 Van Der Heyden, Alida  27 Oct 1727Albany, Albany, New York I34972075 7_families 
20 Van Der Heyden, Alida  28 Aug 1734Albany, Albany, New York I34797453 7_families 
21 Van Der Heyden, Anna  26 Mar 1699Albany, Albany, New York I479624 7_families 
22 Van Der Heyden, Catharina  5 Jan 1752Albany, Albany, New York I34972080 7_families 
23 Van Der Heyden, David  19 May 1695Albany, Albany, New York I479628 7_families 
24 Van Der Heyden, David  17 Nov 1732Albany, Albany, New York I34797452 7_families 
25 Van Der Heyden, Dirk  30 Oct 1726Albany, Albany, New York I34797449 7_families 
26 Van Der Heyden, Dirk T.  5 Jan 1759Albany, Albany, New York I34972104 7_families 
27 Van Der Heyden, Elizabeth  16 Nov 1746Albany, Albany, New York I34972079 7_families 
28 Van Der Heyden, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1749Albany, Albany, New York I34972083 7_families 
29 Van Der Heyden, Jacob  3 Dec 1749Albany, Albany, New York I34972101 7_families 
30 Van Der Heyden, Jacob  14 Jul 1754Albany, Albany, New York I34972081 7_families 
31 Van Der Heyden, Jacob I.  6 Mar 1725Albany, Albany, New York I34972099 7_families 
32 Van Der Heyden, Jacobus  3 Aug 1690Albany, Albany, New York I479631 7_families 
33 Van Der Heyden, Nanning  25 Nov 1721Albany, Albany, New York I34972073 7_families 
34 Van Der Heyden, Nanning  20 Oct 1728Albany, Albany, New York I34797450 7_families 
35 Van Der Heyden, Nanning  29 Sep 1751Albany, Albany, New York I34972102 7_families 
36 Van Der Heyden, Nanning  24 Feb 1754Albany, Albany, New York I34972103 7_families 
37 Van Der Heyden, Rachel  19 Sep 1703Albany, Albany, New York I479622 7_families 
38 Van Der Heyden, Rachel  22 Aug 1730Albany, Albany, New York I34797451 7_families 
39 Van Der Heyden, Rachel  16 Jul 1740Albany, Albany, New York I34797455 7_families 
40 Van Der Heyden, Rebecca  13 Oct 1695Albany, Albany, New York I493002 7_families 
41 Van Der Heyden, Susanna  28 Oct 1758Albany, Albany, New York I34972082 7_families 
42 Van Der Heyden, Susanna  24 Oct 1762Albany, Albany, New York I34972097 7_families 
43 Van Santvoord, Anthony  16 Oct 1757Albany, Albany, New York I492992 7_families 
44 Van Santvoord, Anthony  20 Sep 1761Albany, Albany, New York I492993 7_families 
45 Van Santvoord, Antje  22 Apr 1754Albany, Albany, New York I492991 7_families 
46 Van Santvoord, Cornelius  31 Dec 1749Albany, Albany, New York I492989 7_families 
47 Van Santvoord, Rebecca  5 Jan 1752Albany, Albany, New York I492990 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Oliver Captain  19 Nov 1853Albany, Albany, New York I40120740 7_families 
2 Barry, Patrick  Albany, Albany, New York I441520 7_families 
3 Becker, Erastus Corning  28 Aug 1902Albany, Albany, New York I33570655 7_families 
4 Bratt, Albert Andriessen (Denoorman)  7 Jun 1686Albany, Albany, New York I479597 7_families 
5 Carazzo, Armand  1999Albany, Albany, New York I53453382 7_families 
6 Elkins, Arthur Miller  31 Dec 1952Albany, Albany, New York I89106485 7_families 
7 Kauffman, Louisa  24 Mar 1897Albany, Albany, New York I15023155 7_families 
8 Lockwood, Harry Wilson  24 Nov 1963Albany, Albany, New York I40120722 7_families 
9 Lockwood, Willis James  28 May 1926Albany, Albany, New York I40120721 7_families 
10 Martin, Anna M.  Abt 21 Jun 1909Albany, Albany, New York I33570656 7_families 
11 Metselaer, Willemptje Teunis  9 Dec 1685Albany, Albany, New York I479649 7_families 
12 Meyer, Susanna Dirkse  8 May 1722Albany, Albany, New York I479606 7_families 
13 Mulford, John H.  20 Oct 1876Albany, Albany, New York I65734 7_families 
14 Olmsted, Dorothy  21 Nov 1853Albany, Albany, New York I40120871 7_families 
15 Van Der Heyden, Dirk Ariaantje  13 Oct 1738Albany, Albany, New York I479635 7_families 
16 Van Der Heyden, Jacob  8 Apr 1746Albany, Albany, New York I479630 7_families 
17 Van Der Heyden, Jacob Tyssen  Aft 1680Albany, Albany, New York I479619 7_families 
18 Van Eschelen, Jan  1668Albany, Albany, New York I498648 7_families 
19 West, Leonard Ramon  7 Jun 1969Albany, Albany, New York I71324 7_families 
20 Wolcott, Eva Medora  Aug 1932Albany, Albany, New York I40120720 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bratt, Anthony  16 Feb 1722Albany, Albany, New York I479650 7_families 
2 Lockwood, Willis James  Albany, Albany, New York I40120721 7_families 
3 Van Der Heyden, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1747Albany, Albany, New York I34972079 7_families 
4 Van Der Heyden, Jacob  10 Apr 1746Albany, Albany, New York I479630 7_families 
5 Van Der Heyden, Jacob  11 Jun 1755Albany, Albany, New York I34972081 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Becker, Erastus Corning  1870Albany, Albany, New York I33570655 7_families 
2 Becker, Erastus Corning  1880Albany, Albany, New York I16760 7_families 
3 Becker, Erastus Corning  1880Albany, Albany, New York I33570655 7_families 
4 Martin, Anna M.  1880Albany, Albany, New York I33570656 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barry / Smith  Abt 1770Albany, Albany, New York F160928 7_families 
2 Becker / Martin  25 Dec 1871Albany, Albany, New York F11054820 7_families 
3 Bratt / Coeymans  1668Albany, Albany, New York F176461 7_families 
4 Bratt / Jansen  1663Albany, Albany, New York F176462 7_families 
5 Bratt / Ketel  7 May 1693Albany, Albany, New York F197720 7_families 
6 Bratt / Lansing  18 Apr 1697Albany, Albany, New York F197723 7_families 
7 Bratt / Ryckman  27 Nov 1720Albany, Albany, New York F197730 7_families 
8 Bratt / Rykmans  28 Dec 1714Albany, Albany, New York F197726 7_families 
9 Bratt / Teunisz  12 Sep 1686Albany, Albany, New York F197719 7_families 
10 Bratt / Van Der Heyden  22 Jul 1716Albany, Albany, New York F176475 7_families 
11 Bratt / Walderom  6 Sep 1719Albany, Albany, New York F197729 7_families 
12 Collinson / Bratt  20 Mar 1703Albany, Albany, New York F197725 7_families 
13 Dawes / Everett  13 Nov 1847Albany, Albany, New York F5327968 7_families 
14 Deboogh / Bratt  1 Jan 1686Albany, Albany, New York F176463 7_families 
15 Dole / Van Santvoord  22 Jul 1767Albany, Albany, New York F180925 7_families 
16 Hooges / Bradt  20 Oct 1647Albany, Albany, New York F183101 7_families 
17 Huyck / Van Vleiren  13 May 1724Albany, Albany, New York F22088728 7_families 
18 Ketel / Viele  16 Aug 1695Albany, Albany, New York F184328 7_families 
19 Keteluyn / Bratt  31 Mar 1695Albany, Albany, New York F176468 7_families 
20 Lansinckse / Van Der Heyden  13 Mar 1773Albany, Albany, New York F11546017 7_families 
21 Meyer / Post  Abt 1633Albany, Albany, New York F198391 7_families 
22 Shibley / Gardinier  18 Apr 1774Albany, Albany, New York F22088722 7_families 
23 Van Der Heyden / Bratt  22 Apr 1716Albany, Albany, New York F197727 7_families 
24 Van Der Heyden / Halebbeck  Albany, Albany, New York F11546023 7_families 
25 Van Der Heyden / Ketel  9 Mar 1687Albany, Albany, New York F176471 7_families 
26 Van Der Heyden / Ketel  8 Jan 1725Albany, Albany, New York F176467 7_families 
27 Van Der Heyden / Visscher  3 May 1720Albany, Albany, New York F11546015 7_families 
28 Van Der Heyden / Visscher  26 Dec 1725Albany, Albany, New York F209043 7_families 
29 Van Iversen / Bratt  Albany, Albany, New York F197731 7_families 
30 Van Santvoort / Bratt  2 Dec 1747Albany, Albany, New York F180930 7_families 
31 Van Santvoort / Bratt  31 Dec 1747Albany, Albany, New York F160938 7_families 
32 Wilkenson / Bratt  24 Jul 1696Albany, Albany, New York F197721 7_families