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Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.387604, Longitude: -95.838808


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamson, Anne  1895Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031784 7_families 
2 Adamson, James Andrew  13 Jan 1868Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928876 7_families 
3 Adamson, John Edwin  5 Feb 1872Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928841 7_families 
4 Adamson, Mary  21 Sep 1899Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964928 7_families 
5 Adamson, Sarah Adalene  2 Jan 1896Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964899 7_families 
6 Fox, Stella Mae  17 Jul 1882Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5091208 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamson, Blanche (Twin)  22 Apr 1961Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964904 7_families 
2 Adamson, Hazel  Abt 1981Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964902 7_families 
3 Adamson, James Andrew  17 Aug 1943Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928876 7_families 
4 Adamson, Margaret A.  Oct 1966Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031783 7_families 
5 Adamson, Mary  Aug 1981Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964928 7_families 
6 Adamson, Mary Anne  19 Nov 1935Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928883 7_families 
7 Adamson, Sarah Adalene  Abt 1955Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964899 7_families 
8 Bohlken, Tessa Dorothea Magarita  29 May 1966Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964908 7_families 
9 Keedy, Alma  24 Oct 1994Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176438 7_families 
10 Kinghorn, Sarah Adalene  1906Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4944932 7_families 
11 Potard, Zala Minerva  11 Jan 1911Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928678 7_families 
12 Smith, Anne Eliza  29 May 1907Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4814914 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamson, Hazel  Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964902 7_families 
2 Adamson, Margaret A.  Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031783 7_families 
3 Adamson, Mary  Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964928 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamson, John Edwin  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928841 7_families 
2 Adamson, Mary Anne  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928883 7_families 
3 Clarke, Jessie  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031782 7_families 
4 Clarke, Pearl  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031780 7_families 
5 Clarke, William McGill  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4944868 7_families 
6 Fox, David  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5158676 7_families 
7 Fox, David  1930Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5158676 7_families 
8 Fox, Louisa Mary  1930Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176451 7_families 
9 Fox, Mrs. Elizabeth  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176450 7_families 
10 Fox, Mrs. Elizabeth  1930Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176450 7_families 
11 Smith, Anne Eliza  1900Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska I4814914 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adamson / Bohlken  10 Apr 1917Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska F1607463 7_families 
2 Adamson / Kinghorn  31 Jul 1889Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska F1594757 7_families 
3 Clarke / Adamson  01 Jan 1878Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska F1594761 7_families 
4 Watson / Fox  20 May 1907Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska F1667627 7_families