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Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 43.637881, Longitude: -71.735602


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Azubah  29 Sep 1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
2 Crawford, Malinda  1827Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13702 7_families 
3 Heath, George W.  26 Jul 1823Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56434240 7_families 
4 Heath, Levi Dolloff  13 Aug 1827Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56434242 7_families 
5 Heath, Mary Ann  13 Jul 1833Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56434245 7_families 
6 Heath, Nathan Webber  8 Oct 1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56434237 7_families 
7 Morse, Abby Maria  21 Oct 1822Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56622733 7_families 
8 Morse, Colonel Joseph  21 Feb 1788Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56434215 7_families 
9 Morse, Moses  26 May 1811Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I56434222 7_families 
10 Peasley, Susannah  1787Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I7611 7_families 
11 Tirrell, Robert  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I7612 7_families 
12 Tirrill, Emily  9 Oct 1803Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6939 7_families 
13 Tyrrell, Annette  26 Nov 1855Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13843 7_families 
14 Tyrrell, Ellen M.  17 Nov 1849Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13840 7_families 
15 Tyrrell, Emma J.  19 Aug 1853Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13842 7_families 
16 Tyrrell, Lucia  11 Dec 1857Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13844 7_families 
17 Tyrrell, Owen S.  8 Oct 1851Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13841 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Azubah  17 Oct 1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Child  31 Aug 1826Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I22241995 7_families 
2 Farnham, Arvilla  12 Jul 1848Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I13664 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Abiel  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I5990198 7_families 
2 Chandler, Abiel  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I5990198 7_families 
3 Chandler, Abiel Walker  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291363 7_families 
4 Chandler, Azubah  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
5 Chandler, Azubah  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
6 Chandler, Elizabeth  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291352 7_families 
7 Chandler, Elizabeth  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291352 7_families 
8 Chandler, George Washington  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291360 7_families 
9 Chandler, George Washington  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291360 7_families 
10 Chandler, Jonathan  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291359 7_families 
11 Chandler, Jonathan  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291359 7_families 
12 Chandler, Lucetta  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291362 7_families 
13 Chandler, Matilda D.  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I1900 7_families 
14 Chandler, Tabitha  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291358 7_families 
15 Chandler, Tabitha  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291358 7_families 
16 Chandler, Timothy  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291357 7_families 
17 Chandler, Timothy  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6291357 7_families 
18 Powell, Benjamin  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6135961 7_families 
19 Powell, Benjamin  1840Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6135961 7_families 
20 Thomas, Abigail  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I5990199 7_families 
21 Thomas, Abigail  1810Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I5990199 7_families 
22 Thomas, Lydia  1800Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire I6135960 7_families 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Morse / Thomas  23 Feb 1809Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F18884201 7_families 
2 Tirrell / Farnham  17 Jan 1841Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F3864 7_families 
3 Tirrell / Pressey  28 Sep 1806Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F3557 7_families 
4 Tirrell / Wise  Nov 1848Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F3865 7_families 
5 Tirrill / Fuller  12 Nov 1812Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F3554 7_families 
6 Tirrill / Ingalls  10 Oct 1812Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F3558 7_families 
7 Tirrill / Peasley  27 Nov 1806Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire F3556 7_families