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Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 45.037857, Longitude: -71.387989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beauchemin, Edward Emery  11 May 1900Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I78738469 7_families 
2 Crawford, Bertha M.  8 May 1863Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20252865 7_families 
3 Crawford, Lora S.  3 Jan 1864Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20252866 7_families 
4 Crawford, Loren J.  20 Nov 1869Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20252870 7_families 
5 Crawford, Myron Lee  6 Nov 1866Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20252868 7_families 
6 Crawford, Nora Estell  29 Jan 1865Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20252867 7_families 
7 Crawford, Son  4 Dec 1867Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20252869 7_families 
8 Davis, David  07 Mar 1884Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I2222 7_families 
9 Forrest, Helen May  9 Aug 1909Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I78738460 7_families 
10 Fuller, Clara S.  17 Jun 1850Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13720 7_families 
11 Fuller, Frank  12 Sep 1869Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13722 7_families 
12 Fuller, Kate A.  13 Jul 1858Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13721 7_families 
13 Grover, Ephraim Andrew  Nov 1840Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I16494 7_families 
14 Heath, Daniel W.  10 Feb 1873Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I16453 7_families 
15 Heath, Warren  1850Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I16452 7_families 
16 Kelly, Ellen L.  2 Apr 1841Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1682 7_families 
17 Roby, Charles W.  1842Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13701 7_families 
18 Roby, Francis E.  15 Dec 1838Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13700 7_families 
19 Tirrill, Addison  1847Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13703 7_families 
20 Tirrill, Alice  17 Apr 1854Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13707 7_families 
21 Tirrill, George I.  24 Jun 1864Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1683 7_families 
22 Tirrill, Gideon  30 Jul 1860Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1727 7_families 
23 Tirrill, Henry  1853Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13706 7_families 
24 Tirrill, Jerry Almon  28 Mar 1869Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1686 7_families 
25 Tirrill, John Elmer  28 Mar 1869Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1685 7_families 
26 Tirrill, Minerva A.  21 Sep 1857Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1726 7_families 
27 Tirrill, Orma Ida  20 Jun 1866Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1684 7_families 
28 Tirrill, Phoebe  1852Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13705 7_families 
29 Tirrill, Sarah  1849Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13704 7_families 
30 Tirrill, Susannah S.  6 Mar 1855Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1725 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kelly, Ellen L.  25 Aug 1919Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1682 7_families 
2 Kidder, Leonard Cummings  23 Jan 1904Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20234309 7_families 
3 Owen, Mary H.  5 Apr 1905Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I2204 7_families 
4 Roby, Pelatiah Corlice  5 Apr 1876Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I13699 7_families 
5 Tirrill, Clara E.  1929Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I2209 7_families 
6 Tirrill, George I.  29 Aug 1865Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1683 7_families 
7 Tirrill, John Slack  7 Sep 1877Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I1680 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crawford, Benjamin Franklin  Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire I20234343 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brown / Crawford  26 Jun 1881Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire F6626423 7_families 
2 Chase / Grover  03 Jul 1890Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire F18014631 7_families 
3 Judd / Tirrill  20 Jul 1872Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire F6444 7_families 
4 Kidder / Fellows  5 Aug 1832Clarksville, Coos, New Hampshire F6620047 7_families