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Died Young



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Ruth  Died Young I76179708 7_families 
2 Cassidy, Andrew  Died Young I61498 7_families 
3 Duff, Ann  Died Young I25790974 7_families 
4 Duff, Ann  Died Young I25964099 7_families 
5 Duff, Mary  Died Young I25790711 7_families 
6 Ellis, Joel  Died Young I603477 7_families 
7 Eyre, Daughter  Died Young I6000263 7_families 
8 Eyre, Daughter  Died Young I26148645 7_families 
9 Gordon, Janet  Died Young I25790671 7_families 
10 Gordon, Janet  Died Young I25963796 7_families 
11 Gordon, Jean  Died Young I25790670 7_families 
12 Gordon, Jean  Died Young I25963795 7_families 
13 Gordon, John  Died Young I25790672 7_families 
14 Gordon, John  Died Young I25963797 7_families 
15 Gordon, Katherine  Died Young I25790669 7_families 
16 Gordon, Katherine  Died Young I25963794 7_families 
17 Holmes, Son  Died Young I126620 7_families 
18 Kingman, Child  Died Young I64057 7_families 
19 Kingman, Child  Died Young I64058 7_families 
20 Loveless, John Thomas  18 Aug 1839Died Young I24785292 7_families 
21 Mann, Michael  Died Young I17969 7_families 
22 Morrison, Arnold  Died Young I62944 7_families 
23 Morton, Charles  Died Young I599389 7_families 
24 Morton, John  Died Young I599406 7_families 
25 Morton, John  Died Young I2338845 7_families 
26 Mulford, Guy  Died Young I65354 7_families 
27 Mulford, Jeremiah C.  Died Young I69516 7_families 
28 Mulford, William  Died Young I74015 7_families 
29 Neville, Cuthbert de  Died Young I18442119 7_families 
30 Neville, Henry de  Died Young I18442117 7_families 
31 Neville, John de  Died Young I18442123 7_families 
32 Paul, Son  Died Young I65122 7_families 
33 Valois, Catherine De  Died Young I6907616 7_families 
34 Warren, Lucy  Died Young I16243980 7_families 
35 Wright, Abigail  Died Young I76083808 7_families 
36 Wright, Susan  Died Young I76083811 7_families