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Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.29722, Longitude: -71.075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Emerson  4 Oct 1860Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I89127 7_families 
2 Atwood, Mary Hazel  5 Sep 1899Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I22242266 7_families 
3 Bartlett, Florence Margaret  9 Jun 1910Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I73191607 7_families 
4 Bartlett, Joseph Martin  2 Jul 1912Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I73191608 7_families 
5 Billings, Ebeneser  Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181273 7_families 
6 Billings, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1659Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181270 7_families 
7 Billings, Hannah  1647Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181276 7_families 
8 Billings, Mary  23 Nov 1645Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181357 7_families 
9 Billings, Richard  21 Sep 1675Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I54267104 7_families 
10 Billings, Roger  18 Nov 1657Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181271 7_families 
11 Billings, Zipporah  21 May 1662Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181269 7_families 
12 Bird, Helen Maria  Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I35906701 7_families 
13 Bradford, Cynthia Elizabeth  14 May 1929Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I61557346 7_families 
14 Clapp, Charles  20 Jan 1806Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365190 7_families 
15 Clapp, Ebenezer  31 Dec 1796Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365185 7_families 
16 Clapp, Kezia  11 Dec 1798Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365187 7_families 
17 Clapp, Lucy S.  18 Jun 1801Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365188 7_families 
18 Clapp, Marcia B.  19 May 1816Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365193 7_families 
19 Clapp, Martha C.  24 Mar 1809Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365191 7_families 
20 Clapp, Mary  11 Dec 1798Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365186 7_families 
21 Clapp, Nathaniel  29 Jul 1811Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365192 7_families 
22 Clapp, William  3 Jul 1803Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16365189 7_families 
23 Foye, Winifred Mary  24 Aug 1929Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I80894 7_families 
24 Grandgent, Charles Hall  14 Nov 1862Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16381811 7_families 
25 Hayden, Joseph  Abt 1637Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6164901 7_families 
26 Hayden, William  Abt 1639Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6164906 7_families 
27 Jordan, Florence Freeman  12 Jul 1906Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I22242491 7_families 
28 Pratt, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1642Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6180933 7_families 
29 Richards, Anna  1 Nov 1626Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598142 7_families 
30 Richards, Benjamin  Abt 1623Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598140 7_families 
31 Richards, Hannah  26 Oct 1630Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598143 7_families 
32 Richards, James  13 Sep 1631Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598144 7_families 
33 Richards, John  13 Feb 1625Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598141 7_families 
34 Richards, Joseph  Abt 1621Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598139 7_families 
35 Richards, Mary  16 Nov 1632Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598145 7_families 
36 Richards, Samuel  Abt 1619Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598138 7_families 
37 Richards, Thomas  1618Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598137 7_families 
38 Tirrell, George Howard  18 Aug 1910Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16903 7_families 
39 Tirrell, Ralph Sprague  28 Jul 1916Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I81654 7_families 
40 Tirrell, Russell Warren  22 May 1954Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I84699 7_families 
41 Topliff, Obediance  Oct 1642Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6049097 7_families 
42 Train, Virginia  1860Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I12978776 7_families 
43 Wales, Elizabeth  1601Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6272644 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Billings, Ebeneser  21 Jul 1651Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181273 7_families 
2 Billings, Elizabeth  27 Nov 1659Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181270 7_families 
3 Billings, Roger  13 Dec 1657Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181271 7_families 
4 Pratt, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1642Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6180933 7_families 
5 Richards, Mary  16 Nov 1632Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598145 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hanna  25 May 1662Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181279 7_families 
2 Atwood, Isaac Henry  30 Nov 1860Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I89126 7_families 
3 Billing, William  Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181173 7_families 
4 Billings, Ebeneser  26 Jan 1718Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181273 7_families 
5 Billings, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1676Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181270 7_families 
6 Billings, Roger  15 Nov 1683Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181281 7_families 
7 Billings, Zipporah  8 Oct 1676Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6181269 7_families 
8 Bradford, Alexander Wadsworth  18 Jun 1932Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I61436942 7_families 
9 Bradford, Stephen  1 Apr 1963Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I61557341 7_families 
10 George, Nicholas  3 Apr 1675Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6272643 7_families 
11 Halverson, Lois Angelina Maria  27 Feb 1923Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I61546346 7_families 
12 Halvorson, Lois Angelina Maria  27 Feb 1923Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I61436952 7_families 
13 Richards, Mary  24 Jun 1659Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I598145 7_families 
14 Wales, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1699Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6272644 7_families 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Perkins  3 Apr 1909Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F13347121 7_families 
2 Billings /   1642Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F1914015 7_families 
3 Billings / Paine  22 Jan 1678Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F1914010 7_families 
4 Billings / Pratt  1663Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F1914013 7_families 
5 Billings / Wales  Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F1914011 7_families 
6 Clap / Leavitt  17 Apr 1678Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F774401 7_families 
7 Copp / Topliff  20 Feb 1659Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F1865766 7_families 
8 Ferbert / Tirrell  22 Oct 1918Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F7709 7_families 
9 Nye / Drew  17 Oct 1910Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F18694155 7_families 
10 Tirrell / Costello  1 Jun 1893Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F6916 7_families 
11 Tirrell / Foye  13 May 1950Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F7485 7_families 
12 Tirrell / Hunt  25 Nov 1777Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F904 7_families 
13 Tirrell / Stewart  1 Jun 1892Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts F7081 7_families