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Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.980428, Longitude: -70.947141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barker, Sophia  Abt 1800Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I40120249 7_families 
2 Dudley, Dorothy  Abt 1654Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2489382 7_families 
3 Leavitt, Daniel  Abt 1705Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41506423 7_families 
4 Leavitt, Dorothy  1694Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502825 7_families 
5 Leavitt, Dudley  1703Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502828 7_families 
6 Leavitt, Dudley  1733Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641192 7_families 
7 Leavitt, Elizabeth  1696Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502823 7_families 
8 Leavitt, Hannah  Abt 1688Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502821 7_families 
9 Leavitt, Hannah  1777Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641210 7_families 
10 Leavitt, Jeremiah  10 Jul 1760Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641202 7_families 
11 Leavitt, Jeremiah  30 May 1796Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641211 7_families 
12 Leavitt, John  Abt 1688Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502822 7_families 
13 Leavitt, Jonathan  19 May 1730Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641189 7_families 
14 Leavitt, Jonathan  1773Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641207 7_families 
15 Leavitt, Joseph  23 Mar 1699Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502826 7_families 
16 Leavitt, Joseph  Nov 1755Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641199 7_families 
17 Leavitt, Josiah  1772Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641206 7_families 
18 Leavitt, Josiah  1787Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641215 7_families 
19 Leavitt, Lydia  5 Dec 1757Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641200 7_families 
20 Leavitt, Mary  Abt 1701Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502827 7_families 
21 Leavitt, Mary  9 Jun 1739Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641195 7_families 
22 Leavitt, Moses Jr.  1683Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502818 7_families 
23 Leavitt, Moses  1759Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641201 7_families 
24 Leavitt, Nathaniel  10 Jul 1764Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641203 7_families 
25 Leavitt, Sarah  1698Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502824 7_families 
26 Leavitt, Stephen  1686Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502820 7_families 
27 Leavitt, Stephen  1775Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641208 7_families 
28 Leavitt, Timothy  Abt 1684Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41502819 7_families 
29 Leavitt, Weare  1785Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41641214 7_families 
30 Sawyer, Sarah E.  10 Jul 1835Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I55239956 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Folsom, John  27 Dec 1681Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2536790 7_families 
2 Gilman, Edward  22 Jun 1655Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2485252 7_families 
3 Gilman, John  24 Jul 1708Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2487637 7_families 
4 Gilman, Mary  1689Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2536791 7_families 
5 Gilman, Mary  1690Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2489739 7_families 
6 Gilman, Moses  6 Aug 1702Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2487638 7_families 
7 Leavitt, Moses  17 Jun 1730Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2485087 7_families 
8 Treworgye, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1719Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire I2487666 7_families