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Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 55.864237, Longitude: -4.251806


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary Anne  1908Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I52898426 7_families 
2 Beardsely, Doris  15 Aug 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I91890776 7_families 
3 Beardsely, Doris  15 Aug 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I92059026 7_families 
4 Chalmers, William  1899Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53085314 7_families 
5 Craig, Thomas  1891Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453370 7_families 
6 Logie, Agnes Smith  5 Jul 1883Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453363 7_families 
7 Logie, Annie Hunter  2 Apr 1896Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453348 7_families 
8 Logie, Isabella  Abt 1898Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453373 7_families 
9 Logie, Isabella Granger  25 Jul 1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453347 7_families 
10 Logie, James George  5 Oct 1890Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53423286 7_families 
11 Logie, Jeanie Burnside  9 May 1895Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453371 7_families 
12 Logie, Jeanie Murray Stewart  10 May 1903Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453355 7_families 
13 Logie, John  20 May 1874Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453343 7_families 
14 Logie, John  24 Apr 1900Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453351 7_families 
15 Logie, Margaret  17 Jun 1858Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53428752 7_families 
16 Logie, Margaret Dickson  14 Nov 1878Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453359 7_families 
17 Logie, Martha Elliott  1902Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453353 7_families 
18 Logie, Mary  6 Mar 1881Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453361 7_families 
19 Logie, Mary  26 Feb 1900Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453378 7_families 
20 Logie, Mary  18 Apr 1901Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453352 7_families 
21 Logie, Rebecca Neil  11 Feb 1893Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453369 7_families 
22 Logie, Robert  9 Jun 1888Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453367 7_families 
23 Logie, Robert  1899Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453377 7_families 
24 Logie, Thomas Kennedy  4 Jun 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453379 7_families 
25 Logie, William Granger  2 Jul 1876Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453357 7_families 
26 Logie, William Granger  1907Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453380 7_families 
27 McEwan, Hugh  1886Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453362 7_families 
28 McNaughton, Charles  1885Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453364 7_families 
29 McSorley, Thomas  1901Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453356 7_families 
30 Winslow, Robert Deblois  22 Oct 1798Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I54364499 7_families 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Findlay, Agnes  1863Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I52363 7_families 
2 Logie, Agnes  25 Dec 1876Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453394 7_families 
3 Logie, Isabella Granger  5 Nov 1897Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453347 7_families 
4 Logie, John  11 May 1887Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I52361 7_families 
5 Logie, Mary  9 Nov 1911Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453361 7_families 
6 Logie, William Granger  7 Jan 1908Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453380 7_families 
7 Scott, Catharine  10 Dec 1936Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I158157 7_families 
8 Scott, Euphemia Charlotte Anne  23 Feb 1940Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I158158 7_families 
9 Scott, Henrietta Annie Mary  2 Oct 1944Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I158164 7_families 
10 Wilson, Margaret  29 Sep 1927Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I53453381 7_families 
11 Winslow, Robert Deblois  13 Nov 1798Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I54364499 7_families 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cooper / Logie  13 Apr 1900Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888654 7_families 
2 Craig / Logie  7 JulGlasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888659 7_families 
3 Logie / Elliott  20 Feb 1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888648 7_families 
4 Logie / Gilligan  26 Jan 1900Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888653 7_families 
5 Logie / Granger  16 May 1873Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17877707 7_families 
6 Logie / Wilson  12 Jul 1912Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888663 7_families 
7 McDonald / Scott  3 Jan 1913Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F57731 7_families 
8 McEwan / Logie  8 Jul 1906Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888655 7_families 
9 McGonigle / Logie  4 Oct 1921Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888650 7_families 
10 McNaughton / Logie  13 Dec 1903Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888656 7_families 
11 McSorley / Logie  19 Jan 1923Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F17888652 7_families 
12 Souter / McDonald  24 Nov 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F19559448 7_families