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Grafton, Windham, Vermont


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 43.171364, Longitude: -72.606194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bonfils, Julius Vincent  Feb 1846Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364988 7_families 
2 Burgess, Albert H.  19 May 1843Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365176 7_families 
3 Burgess, Aldis  17 Jun 1814Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364963 7_families 
4 Burgess, Aldis DeWitt  28 May 1850Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364985 7_families 
5 Burgess, Almira  23 Feb 1810Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365159 7_families 
6 Burgess, Ambrose  7 Oct 1798Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364990 7_families 
7 Burgess, Ambrose Herbert J. P.  23 Jun 1841Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364999 7_families 
8 Burgess, Andrew Jackson  18 Oct 1820Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365049 7_families 
9 Burgess, Arvilla  16 Apr 1810Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365136 7_families 
10 Burgess, Barzillai  2 Feb 1803Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365197 7_families 
11 Burgess, Barzillai Allen  29 Jul 1852Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364986 7_families 
12 Burgess, Belinda  24 Jul 1802Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365042 7_families 
13 Burgess, Caroline Gibbs  4 Dec 1809Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365045 7_families 
14 Burgess, Celia Ann  6 Jan 1845Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365123 7_families 
15 Burgess, Clarissa  14 Feb 1812Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365160 7_families 
16 Burgess, Daughter  4 Feb 1834Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365147 7_families 
17 Burgess, Reverand Ebenezer  26 Jun 1805Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365017 7_families 
18 Burgess, Efreda  Sep 1807Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365134 7_families 
19 Burgess, Electa  1803Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365132 7_families 
20 Burgess, Eliza  5 Apr 1814Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365161 7_families 
21 Burgess, Elizabeth Scott  23 Jan 1836Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364996 7_families 
22 Burgess, Foster Gibbs  18 Feb 1818Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365048 7_families 
23 Burgess, Frederick  19 Jun 1800Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365001 7_families 
24 Burgess, Gustavus W.  25 Oct 1835Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365174 7_families 
25 Burgess, Hannah  22 Sep 1804Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364955 7_families 
26 Burgess, Hubbard  22 Feb 1805Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365030 7_families 
27 Burgess, Hubbard  10 May 1809Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365135 7_families 
28 Burgess, Isabella  21 Feb 1855Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364987 7_families 
29 Burgess, Israel Ferrand  27 Mar 1812Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365046 7_families 
30 Burgess, Joanna  30 Mar 1798Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365195 7_families 
31 Burgess, Laura  6 Jan 1803Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365029 7_families 
32 Burgess, Leverett  5 Sep 1818Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364967 7_families 
33 Burgess, Lucy  24 Mar 1803Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365011 7_families 
34 Burgess, Lucy A.  29 Dec 1838Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365175 7_families 
35 Burgess, Lucy Josephine  13 Oct 1843Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364982 7_families 
36 Burgess, Lucy L.  1838Grafton, Windham, Vermont I35405749 7_families 
37 Burgess, Lyman  6 Mar 1798Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365028 7_families 
38 Burgess, Maria  4 Oct 1807Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365031 7_families 
39 Burgess, Mary Frances  17 Aug 1845Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364983 7_families 
40 Burgess, Mary Isabella  26 Sep 1843Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365000 7_families 
41 Burgess, Mercy  9 May 1809Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365021 7_families 
42 Burgess, Nancy  22 Mar 1796Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365027 7_families 
43 Burgess, Nathaniel George  22 Feb 1837Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364969 7_families 
44 Burgess, Norman A.  25 Jul 1804Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365043 7_families 
45 Burgess, Patience  24 Jul 1805Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365133 7_families 
46 Burgess, Philo  10 Feb 1814Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365047 7_families 
47 Burgess, Phoebe  12 Apr 1796Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365194 7_families 
48 Burgess, Ruth  8 Apr 1800Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365196 7_families 
49 Burgess, Samuel W.  30 Oct 1810Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364958 7_families 
50 Burgess, Samuel Wadsworth  22 Apr 1840Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364970 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Babcock, Susan White  5 May 1885Grafton, Windham, Vermont I22241994 7_families 
2 Bonfils, Julius Vincent  1851Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364988 7_families 
3 Bruce, Luna F.  21 May 1870Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365146 7_families 
4 Burgess, Albert H.  1918Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365176 7_families 
5 Burgess, Captain Barzillai  18 Nov 1855Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319826 7_families 
6 Burgess, Belinda  9 Mar 1803Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365042 7_families 
7 Burgess, Benjamin  18 Oct 1840Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319828 7_families 
8 Burgess, Daughter  5 Feb 1834Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365147 7_families 
9 Burgess, Ebenezer  28 Feb 1829Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319432 7_families 
10 Burgess, Ebenezer  19 Aug 1834Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319827 7_families 
11 Burgess, Efreda  2 Jan 1814Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365134 7_families 
12 Burgess, Electa  17 May 1813Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365132 7_families 
13 Burgess, Hubbard  27 Mar 1806Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365030 7_families 
14 Burgess, Hymen  24 Feb 1869Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319835 7_families 
15 Burgess, Laura  21 May 1858Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365029 7_families 
16 Burgess, Leverett  30 Aug 1821Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364967 7_families 
17 Burgess, Lucy Lucretia  12 Aug 1913Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364998 7_families 
18 Burgess, Maria  17 Jun 1891Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365031 7_families 
19 Burgess, Mary Frances  6 Dec 1849Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364983 7_families 
20 Burgess, Nancy  31 Dec 1868Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365027 7_families 
21 Burgess, Samuel W.  28 Jan 1825Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364958 7_families 
22 Burgess, Sarah Roxanna  23 May 1916Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365148 7_families 
23 Burgess, Son  22 Feb 1802Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365009 7_families 
24 Burgess, Son  22 Feb 1802Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365010 7_families 
25 Burgess, William  11 Aug 1834Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365044 7_families 
26 Burgess, William  28 Jul 1864Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319829 7_families 
27 Fuller, Thirza  3 Mar 1834Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365041 7_families 
28 Gibbs, Hannah  1817Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319825 7_families 
29 Hall, Mercy  16 Apr 1815Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364989 7_families 
30 Houghton, Sarah  12 Oct 1850Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365026 7_families 
31 Ross, Ruth  23 Apr 1800Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16364951 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Captain Barzillai  Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16319826 7_families 
2 Burgess, Lucy L.  13 Aug 1913Grafton, Windham, Vermont I35405749 7_families 
3 Gilson, Eliza J.  Grafton, Windham, Vermont I16365124 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Burgess / Barton  2 Aug 1835Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323488 7_families 
2 Burgess / Fuller  18 Jun 1801Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323468 7_families 
3 Burgess / Gilson  8 May 1843Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323489 7_families 
4 Burgess / Goodrich  23 Nov 1830Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323456 7_families 
5 Burgess / Goodrich  Abt 1834Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323496 7_families 
6 Burgess / Hall  12 Dec 1797Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323455 7_families 
7 Burgess / Houghton  11 Jul 1795Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323465 7_families 
8 Burgess / Mellen  24 Feb 1844Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323492 7_families 
9 Burgess / Walker  Abt 1840Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323459 7_families 
10 Carter / Burgess  27 Sep 1830Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323483 7_families 
11 Gibbs / Cone  19 Dec 1819Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323493 7_families 
12 Johnson / Burgess  12 Apr 1871Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323458 7_families 
13 Keyes / Burgess  9 Sep 1846Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323446 7_families 
14 McNair / Taylor  3 Sep 1890Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323510 7_families 
15 Taylor / Burgess  7 Sep 1859Grafton, Windham, Vermont F5323509 7_families