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Huntington, Emery, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 39.326667, Longitude: -110.963889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brasher, Grace Eliza  25 Feb 1909Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785659 7_families 
2 Brasher, Ruby  9 Feb 1910Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785658 7_families 
3 Fawn, Lauretta  21 Nov 1905Huntington, Emery, Utah I85608 7_families 
4 Jensen, Annie Louise  10 Mar 1895Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163191 7_families 
5 Jensen, Christian Ivan  25 Jan 1905Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164550 7_families 
6 Jensen, Gifta Margaret  1 Jan 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164545 7_families 
7 Jensen, John Alfred  11 Feb 1897Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164543 7_families 
8 Jensen, Joseph Hyrum  24 Feb 1907Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164552 7_families 
9 Jensen, William Gustaf  15 Jan 1915Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164556 7_families 
10 Johnson, Alice Malena  9 Jul 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785480 7_families 
11 Johnson, Forde Loveless  5 Mar 1901Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785479 7_families 
12 Kinder, Amplis Maud  19 Sep 1891Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785666 7_families 
13 Marshall, Arley  28 May 1888Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163227 7_families 
14 Nielson, Wendell Loveless  29 Nov 1908Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785484 7_families 
15 Sherman, Mary Lou  8 Jan 1939Huntington, Emery, Utah I23097244 7_families 
16 Young, Alton Ray  4 Nov 1901Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163208 7_families 
17 Young, Guard Le Roy  19 Aug 1909Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163215 7_families 
18 Young, Milton Jensen  17 Mar 1922Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163195 7_families 
19 Young, Olive May  11 Sep 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163206 7_families 
20 Young, Stillborn  Aug 1903Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163210 7_families 
21 Young, Vance Lynn  22 Aug 1906Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163213 7_families 
22 Young, Vern Evan  22 Jul 1923Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163192 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alfsdatter, Josephine  25 Sep 1932Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164542 7_families 
2 Brasher, Grace Eliza  2 Mar 1909Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785659 7_families 
3 Cook, Elizabeth Hill  4 Mar 1936Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164617 7_families 
4 Eriksson, Lovisa Mathilda  19 Feb 1924Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164559 7_families 
5 Harriman, Henry  17 May 1891Huntington, Emery, Utah I6167905 7_families 
6 Johnson, Ole  28 Jan 1925Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164616 7_families 
7 McCandless, William Raymond  18 Apr 1976Huntington, Emery, Utah I85602 7_families 
8 Mtchell, Dorothy Charlene  19 Dec 1975Huntington, Emery, Utah I41032397 7_families 
9 Young, LeRoy Wheeler  21 Oct 1911Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163204 7_families 
10 Young, Lorenzo Howe  18 Apr 1923Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163307 7_families 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alfsdatter, Josephine  28 Sep 1932Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164542 7_families 
2 Brasher, Reuben  1 Nov 1957Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785657 7_families 
3 Cook, Elizabeth Hill  Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164617 7_families 
4 Eriksson, Lovisa Mathilda  Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164559 7_families 
5 Fawn, Lauretta  Huntington, Emery, Utah I85608 7_families 
6 Harriman, Henry  20 May 1891Huntington, Emery, Utah I6167905 7_families 
7 Hill, Ivy May  15 May 1967Huntington, Emery, Utah I24785649 7_families 
8 Jensen, Annie Louise  31 Dec 1963Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163191 7_families 
9 Jensen, John Gustaf  May 1947Huntington, Emery, Utah I6164541 7_families 
10 Limb, Mary Ann  18 Dec 1973Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163205 7_families 
11 McCandless, William Raymond  Huntington, Emery, Utah I85602 7_families 
12 Young, Alton Ray  Aug 1925Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163208 7_families 
13 Young, LeRoy Wheeler  Oct 1911Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163204 7_families 
14 Young, Ralph Milton  16 Nov 1968Huntington, Emery, Utah I6163190 7_families 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Day / Loveless  25 Jan 1887Huntington, Emery, Utah F7986444 7_families 
2 Hill / Kinder  19 Sep 1908Huntington, Emery, Utah F7986523 7_families 
3 Johnson / Loveless  14 Oct 1898Huntington, Emery, Utah F7986452 7_families 
4 Loveless / Wakefield  1 Oct 1894Huntington, Emery, Utah F7986456 7_families