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Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 44.745317, Longitude: -75.985977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barry, Benjamin  Abt 1778Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447882 7_families 
2 Barry, Charlotte  Abt 1792Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447888 7_families 
3 Barry, Charlotte  Abt 1792Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I21867179 7_families 
4 Barry, Daniel  Abt 1790Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447887 7_families 
5 Barry, Deborah  Abt 1782Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447884 7_families 
6 Barry, Ephraim  1794Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447889 7_families 
7 Barry, George  1788Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447886 7_families 
8 Barry, Patrick  1784Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447885 7_families 
9 Barry, Thomas  Abt 1780Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I447883 7_families 
10 Lawrence, Araminta Miranda Adelia  5 Dec 1831Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I439244 7_families 
11 Mills, Sarah Elenor  1 Mar 1828Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I448532 7_families 
12 Sanford, Jane  13 Apr 1808Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I448828 7_families 
13 Sanford, Lucinda  4 Jul 1815Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I448830 7_families 
14 Sanford, Sophia  17 Apr 1810Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I448829 7_families 
15 Sly, James  25 Aug 1830Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I22027816 7_families 
16 Sly, Maria  15 Feb 1833Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I22027818 7_families 
17 Sly, Sara Ann  23 Feb 1831Kitley, Leeds, Ontario, Canada I22027817 7_families