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Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.46978, Longitude: -70.95689


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alley, Margaret Maria  19 Dec 1825Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I6163790 7_families 
2 Atwood, Albert  5 Oct 1835Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I40120229 7_families 
3 Atwood, Ann Cone  21 Sep 1827Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I40120228 7_families 
4 Baird, Lewis  25 Feb 1813Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I35906766 7_families 
5 Byron, Lucille Victoria  11 Nov 1918Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I59781 7_families 
6 Carleton, Estelle Josephine  17 Aug 1875Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I17061 7_families 
7 Drew, Herbert Wilbur  10 Jul 1869Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I34650512 7_families 
8 Estes, Adeline Wiley  29 Dec 1853Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15805 7_families 
9 Finney, Lillian  Apr 1885Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12919223 7_families 
10 Hussey, John  28 Feb 1635Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I5993834 7_families 
11 Hussey, Joseph  Abt 1633Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I5993833 7_families 
12 Hussey, Stephen  8 Jun 1632Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I5993832 7_families 
13 Jacob, Joseph  3 Aug 1705Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I14391753 7_families 
14 Leach, Arthur Leslie  21 Jun 1873Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I74105500 7_families 
15 Leach, Eugene LeRoy  21 Oct 1882Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I74105502 7_families 
16 Lucas, Frank Benjamin  10 May 1889Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I42874 7_families 
17 Macdonald, Douglas Byron  17 Sep 1943Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I95554 7_families 
18 Pettingell, Lucy  1837Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I855 7_families 
19 Prosser, Birney Erwin Jr.  26 Jul 1918Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I74883805 7_families 
20 Rogers, Laura Maria  22 Oct 1876Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I16997 7_families 
21 Saunderson, Sarah E.  22 Feb 1841Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15134 7_families 
22 Silliman, Lester Irving  25 Jul 1878Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12870609 7_families 
23 Silliman, Walter Everett  19 May 1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12870610 7_families 
24 Tilton, Daniel  1646Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I6141082 7_families 
25 Tilton, Isaac  Abt 1642Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I6141142 7_families 
26 Tilton, William  Abt 1641Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I6141141 7_families 
27 Tirrell, Caroline Bartlett  1866Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15137 7_families 
28 Tirrell, Mildred  30 Dec 1871Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15138 7_families 
29 Tirrell, Minot  6 Nov 1862Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15136 7_families 
30 Tirrell, Sadie Mae  3 Feb 1886Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I59777 7_families 
31 Tirrell, Wallingford  1859Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15135 7_families 
32 Tirrill, Ira Leonard  Nov 1893Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I16998 7_families 
33 Tirrill, Mary Alice  24 Sep 1877Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15100 7_families 
34 Williams, Robert Henry  5 Nov 1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I87092141 7_families 
35 Wood, Joseph Breed  24 Sep 1843Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12127106 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hussey, John  29 Feb 1635Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I5993834 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Fannie Belle  6 Oct 1928Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I40119912 7_families 
2 Atwood, Hawes  15 Jan 1882Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I40120286 7_families 
3 Atwood, Nehemiah  6 Mar 1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I40120143 7_families 
4 Burgess, Mary Ann  7 Feb 1895Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I1889821 7_families 
5 Byron, Arthur Albert  1 Nov 1951Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I59778 7_families 
6 Carleton, Estelle Josephine  18 Aug 1929Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I17061 7_families 
7 Coggan, Jane Margaret  5 Nov 1926Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I14831 7_families 
8 Estes, Adeline Wiley  22 May 1930Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15805 7_families 
9 Farrar, Thomas  23 Feb 1694Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I18204851 7_families 
10 Hutchinson, Sarah Jane  17 Oct 1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I13903 7_families 
11 Phelan, Margaret A.  4 Jan 1878Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15098 7_families 
12 Tilton, William  Mar 1653Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I6141104 7_families 
13 Tirrell, Alfred Winslow  3 Mar 1929Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I8275 7_families 
14 Tirrell, Mildred  16 Oct 1883Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15138 7_families 
15 Tirrell, Wallingford  1864Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15135 7_families 
16 Tirrill, Ira Leonard  15 Dec 1898Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I16998 7_families 
17 Tirrill, Mary Alice  30 Mar 1878Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I15100 7_families 
18 Witt, John  2 Dec 1675Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I18304678 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Benjamin Nye  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I1974358 7_families 
2 Burgess, Mary Ann  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I1889821 7_families 
3 Burgess, Sophia  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I1889825 7_families 
4 Drew, Sally Ann  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I217 7_families 
5 Finney, Anna D.  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832160 7_families 
6 Finney, Charles Lewis  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832093 7_families 
7 Finney, Charles Lewis  1900Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832093 7_families 
8 Finney, Charles Lewis  1910Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832093 7_families 
9 Finney, Lillian  1900Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12919223 7_families 
10 Harlow, Ernest C.  1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12903429 7_families 
11 Harlow, Ernest C.  1930Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12903429 7_families 
12 Harlow, Mrs. Eva M.  1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12903433 7_families 
13 Holman, George C.  1930Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I1691 7_families 
14 Martin, Lynn Lillian  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12852524 7_families 
15 Martin, Lynn Lillian  1900Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12852524 7_families 
16 Silliman, Herbert Robbins  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12852525 7_families 
17 Silliman, Lester Irving  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12870609 7_families 
18 Silliman, Walter Everett  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12870610 7_families 
19 Tirrill, Minnie Thirsa  1930Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I1676 7_families 
20 Washburn, Marjory Verna  1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I87290984 7_families 
21 Wilbur, Anna Eliza  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I35815254 7_families 
22 Wilbur, Anna Eliza  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I7841 7_families 
23 Wilbur, Carrie May  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I10212 7_families 
24 Wilbur, Eva Perry  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I35815255 7_families 
25 Wilbur, Eva Perry  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I7842 7_families 
26 Williams, Robert Henry  1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I87290988 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Finney, Charles Lewis  1890Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832093 7_families 
2 Finney, Charles Lewis  1906Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832093 7_families 
3 Finney, Charles Lewis  1919-1920Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12832093 7_families 
4 Martin, Lynn Lillian  1906Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12852524 7_families 
5 Silliman, Herbert Robbins  1890Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I12852525 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, Sally Ann  1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I217 7_families 
2 Drew, Sally Ann  1890Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I217 7_families 
3 Wilbur, Anna Eliza  1890Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I35815254 7_families 
4 Wilbur, Carrie May  1890Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I10212 7_families 
5 Wilbur, Eva Perry  1890Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts I35815255 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alley / Winnock  1681Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F1891534 7_families 
2 Byron / Tirrell  25 Nov 1908Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F23562 7_families 
3 Farrar / Collins  3 Mar 1680-1681Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F5925399 7_families 
4 Leach / Damon  18 May 1880Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F25188311 7_families 
5 Macdonald / Byron  20 Jul 1940Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F23566 7_families 
6 Prosser /   25 Dec 1941Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F25390752 7_families 
7 Tirrell / Estes  20 Jul 1885Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F4133 7_families 
8 Tirrell / Saunderson  1859Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F4077 7_families 
9 Tirrell / Wentworth  1885Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F6540 7_families 
10 Tirrill / Carleton  29 Nov 1900Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F6962 7_families 
11 Tirrill / Rogers  1 Jun 1892Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F6957 7_families 
12 Witt / Baker  14 Jan 1676Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts F5939344 7_families