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Murray, Salt Lake, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.666944, Longitude: -111.887222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barratt, Don Everett  22 Feb 1915Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67740553 7_families 
2 Barratt, Glenn Reynolds  19 Jan 1917Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67740554 7_families 
3 Barratt, Kenneth John  15 Dec 1919Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67740555 7_families 
4 Barratt, Mark Duane  10 Jan 1923Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67933743 7_families 
5 Barrett, Bernice  9 Jul 1910Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032187 7_families 
6 Barrett, Frank Sherman  7 Dec 1908Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032186 7_families 
7 Brown, RaNae  21 Nov 1955Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I1241 7_families 
8 Burgon, Lee Jerry  24 Sep 1943Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I38159310 7_families 
9 Freeman, Theodore LeRoy  27 May 1904Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I133745 7_families 
10 Gibbs, Rachel Marie  5 Mar 1907Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67547350 7_families 
11 Kemp, Phillip Charles  7 Mar 1941Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I50308741 7_families 
12 Larson, Bertha  14 Apr 1885Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I85635 7_families 
13 Moyle, Glen Walker  28 Jul 1939Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I28100726 7_families 
14 Moyle, Mary Jane  29 Nov 1935Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I28100725 7_families 
15 Petersen, Barbara Lee  21 Jun 1928Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67547351 7_families 
16 Petersen, Renee  17 Dec 1930Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67547352 7_families 
17 Phillips, Dale George  11 Nov 1947Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I68320231 7_families 
18 Walker, Kip Ruel  20 Apr 1957Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I59976098 7_families 
19 Watts, Stanley Howard  30 Aug 1911Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I60321039 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allred, Aaron Fullmer  2 Aug 1998Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I29814815 7_families 
2 Ashby, John Latham  4 Dec 1948Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I25439130 7_families 
3 Barratt, Frank  30 Jun 1928Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032171 7_families 
4 Barratt, Glenn Reynolds  9 Oct 1919Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67740554 7_families 
5 Barratt, John William  29 Nov 1927Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41000254 7_families 
6 Boley, Norma  24 Aug 1985Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032280 7_families 
7 Hoggard, Emily Mae  6 Feb 1950Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I3874 7_families 
8 Holder, Clifford Burt  5 May 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032398 7_families 
9 Johnson, Dee Frank  21 Dec 2004Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I13958286 7_families 
10 Madsen, Lorenzo Marcell  13 May 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I25439143 7_families 
11 McCarrell, Owen Edward  20 Apr 1976Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I37983640 7_families 
12 McCleve, Parley Ralph  28 Sep 2000Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I37808008 7_families 
13 Meldrum, Norma Maxine  30 May 1994Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I44298192 7_families 
14 Nichols, William  29 Apr 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I137497 7_families 
15 Paulson, Albert  27 Apr 1969Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I56 7_families 
16 Perry, Dallas Gage  26 Jan 2009Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I37983657 7_families 
17 Roberts, Edith May  29 Apr 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I7757463 7_families 
18 Robison, Joseph Burdell  21 Mar 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032283 7_families 
19 Shelley, Virginia  8 Nov 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I71998879 7_families 
20 Sloan, Kathryn Lee  25 Feb 1996Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I82700076 7_families 
21 Van Wagoner, Elden Horace  21 Apr 1971Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I19622963 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashby, John Latham  7 Dec 1948Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I25439130 7_families 
2 Barratt, Glenn Reynolds  11 Oct 1919Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67740554 7_families 
3 Barratt, Mark  15 Mar 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41032175 7_families 
4 Meldrum, Norma Maxine  3 Jun 1994Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I44298192 7_families 
5 Petersen, Leland Barratt  24 Apr 2000Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67547347 7_families 
6 Pickup, Mabelle Larane  27 Mar 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I25439129 7_families 
7 Reynolds, Mary Leone  25 Mar 1958Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67740552 7_families 
8 Wheeler, Leona  10 Apr 1973Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I67933742 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jensen / Gardner  21 Aug 1933Murray, Salt Lake, Utah F23178816 7_families