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Ogden, Weber, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.223056, Longitude: -111.973056


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballantyne, David Whitford  2 Dec 1893Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785374 7_families 
2 Ballantyne, Leroy Taylor  16 Nov 1892Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785373 7_families 
3 Binns, Elsie  13 Jul 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah I14090676 7_families 
4 Buck, Hannah Elizabeth  5 Jan 1868Ogden, Weber, Utah I107563 7_families 
5 Butler, David Jay  11 Nov 1946Ogden, Weber, Utah I45971008 7_families 
6 Casto, Eliza Jane  27 Dec 1859Ogden, Weber, Utah I86071011 7_families 
7 Child, Betty Lou  23 Oct 1929Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154101 7_families 
8 Dangerfield, Clarence Junior  9 Jul 1923Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785476 7_families 
9 Debry, Francisus  11 Oct 1899Ogden, Weber, Utah I60471954 7_families 
10 Dinsdale, Charlotte Pearl  21 Jun 1882Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439195 7_families 
11 Dinsdale, Ernest Eugene  1877Ogden, Weber, Utah I45971029 7_families 
12 Dinsdale, Etta Maude  3 Feb 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439196 7_families 
13 Dinsdale, Jeffrey  27 Aug 1881Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439061 7_families 
14 Dinsdale, John  22 Feb 1857Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439193 7_families 
15 Dinsdale, John Orval  26 Jan 1881Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439194 7_families 
16 Dinsdale, Owen Junius  4 Jun 1889Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439197 7_families 
17 Dransfield, Maethel  3 Aug 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah I29563074 7_families 
18 Eccles, Claire  6 Jul 1924Ogden, Weber, Utah I60493531 7_families 
19 Eddy, Anna LaVon Bonnie  18 Jul 1908Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154118 7_families 
20 Eddy, Irene  20 Mar 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154119 7_families 
21 Ernstrom, Henry Louis  20 Jan 1888Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439199 7_families 
22 Ernstrom, Leroy  29 Apr 1908Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439200 7_families 
23 Faulkner, Jessie  10 Jun 1892Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154087 7_families 
24 Faulkner, John Thomas  13 Mar 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154084 7_families 
25 Faulkner, Saline  17 Apr 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154086 7_families 
26 Griffin, Helen Jerusha  16 Oct 1876Ogden, Weber, Utah I15349316 7_families 
27 Hammond, George Albert  25 Jul 1859Ogden, Weber, Utah I77558 7_families 
28 Hammond, Lizzie Fontella  28 Dec 1863Ogden, Weber, Utah I77560 7_families 
29 Hammond, William Edmund  11 Aug 1861Ogden, Weber, Utah I77559 7_families 
30 Henstra, Ruby  10 Jan 1915Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154113 7_families 
31 Herrick, Charles Earl  18 Jul 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785384 7_families 
32 Hunt, Rose Emily  10 Feb 1896Ogden, Weber, Utah I811 7_families 
33 Jackson, Clarence Glen  15 Dec 1905Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439068 7_families 
34 Jackson, Clifford Dale  12 May 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970996 7_families 
35 Jackson, Ella Clara  1 Oct 1900Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970991 7_families 
36 Jackson, George J.  1 Apr 1899Ogden, Weber, Utah I45938906 7_families 
37 Jackson, Ida Pearl  14 Dec 1898Ogden, Weber, Utah I45938905 7_families 
38 Jackson, Lawrence Ray  22 Aug 1902Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970992 7_families 
39 Jackson, Mary Lillian  19 Jan 1896Ogden, Weber, Utah I45916528 7_families 
40 Jackson, Nettie Charlene  13 Jun 1930Ogden, Weber, Utah I45971021 7_families 
41 Jackson, Ronald Ray  25 Feb 1933Ogden, Weber, Utah I45971026 7_families 
42 Jackson, Walter Clyde  29 Jan 1895Ogden, Weber, Utah I45873569 7_families 
43 James, Mary Jane  14 Mar 1900Ogden, Weber, Utah I137494 7_families 
44 Jay, Stella Virginia  27 Aug 1914Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970998 7_families 
45 King, Mary Maud  12 Apr 1872Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785350 7_families 
46 Knight, Neta  31 Jan 1908Ogden, Weber, Utah I27754823 7_families 
47 Milano, Karl Dean  3 Nov 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I23097245 7_families 
48 Myers, Marcus Lemuel  18 Apr 1903Ogden, Weber, Utah I45787968 7_families 
49 Peery, Joseph S.  5 Oct 1868Ogden, Weber, Utah I15349298 7_families 
50 Petersen, Stella Ethel  27 Oct 1915Ogden, Weber, Utah I67547348 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Alfred Franklin  15 Sep 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah I85613 7_families 
2 Adams, Josephine  18 Feb 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah I85621 7_families 
3 Adams, Josephine  18 Feb 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah I85623 7_families 
4 Ballantyne, Ivy  17 Jun 1961Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785366 7_families 
5 Bennett, Lola  18 Aug 2013Ogden, Weber, Utah I138 7_families 
6 Binns, Elsie  13 Jul 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah I14090676 7_families 
7 Binns, Kenneth  2 Nov 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah I74 7_families 
8 Brooks, John Hampton  14 Jul 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah I60321036 7_families 
9 Brown, Sarah Ellen  7 May 1968Ogden, Weber, Utah I85617 7_families 
10 Buck, David Harmon  10 May 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah I107588 7_families 
11 Buck, Laura Elizabeth  26 Jan 1934Ogden, Weber, Utah I107583 7_families 
12 Buck, William Henry  15 May 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah I107559 7_families 
13 Campbell, Helaman Releigh  12 Apr 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785389 7_families 
14 Campbell, Naomi  23 Dec 1931Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785390 7_families 
15 Cassity, Lawrence Julian  18 Sep 1939Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032253 7_families 
16 Cassity, Thomas Julian  15 Jul 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032296 7_families 
17 Chase, Diana Severance  6 Sep 1886Ogden, Weber, Utah I6163820 7_families 
18 Child, Alberta  16 Mar 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785378 7_families 
19 Child, Lile Edith  27 Apr 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785377 7_families 
20 Child, William Hubert  14 May 1979Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154100 7_families 
21 Christensen, Mercer  27 May 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032082 7_families 
22 Christensen, Victoria  11 Oct 1981Ogden, Weber, Utah I107598 7_families 
23 Clark, Clara Margaret  4 Dec 1988Ogden, Weber, Utah I29496927 7_families 
24 Clark, Elizabeth Frances  25 Jun 1872Ogden, Weber, Utah I6168683 7_families 
25 Copeland, Emily Matilda  25 Jan 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah I63099 7_families 
26 Dinsdale, Ernest Eugene  1877Ogden, Weber, Utah I45971029 7_families 
27 Dinsdale, Ida May  9 Dec 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439060 7_families 
28 Dinsdale, Jeffery  3 Oct 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439059 7_families 
29 Dinsdale, Jeffrey  11 Aug 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439061 7_families 
30 Dinsdale, John  11 May 1941Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439193 7_families 
31 Dinsdale, John Orval  24 Mar 1906Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439194 7_families 
32 Dinsdale, Owen Junius  10 Nov 1971Ogden, Weber, Utah I25439197 7_families 
33 Dittmer, Alma August  21 Mar 1980Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785927 7_families 
34 Done, Melvin Leo  17 May 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785429 7_families 
35 Dransfield, Maethel  29 Oct 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah I29563074 7_families 
36 Durfee, Fanny Fern  3 Apr 1938Ogden, Weber, Utah I25347116 7_families 
37 Durfee, Ida Lillian  3 Aug 1901Ogden, Weber, Utah I25347111 7_families 
38 Durfee, Lola Ann Montez  30 Jan 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah I25347110 7_families 
39 Durfee, Thomas Jefferson  8 Feb 1897Ogden, Weber, Utah I448840 7_families 
40 Eddy, Anna LaVon Bonnie  12 Jul 1929Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154118 7_families 
41 Eddy, Charles LeRoy  22 Mar 1931Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154117 7_families 
42 Eddy, Irene  23 Oct 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154119 7_families 
43 Faulkner, Jessie  9 Mar 1940Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154087 7_families 
44 Faulkner, John Thomas  1 Apr 1919Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154084 7_families 
45 Faulkner, John Thomas  4 Jul 1945Ogden, Weber, Utah I25440878 7_families 
46 Faulkner, Nora Bell  17 Aug 1963Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154085 7_families 
47 Faulkner, Saline  9 Nov 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154086 7_families 
48 Forsyth, Florence Ida  9 Jan 1982Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032150 7_families 
49 Goodfellow, Joyce May  1 May 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032119 7_families 
50 Gore, Roscoe Blaine  13 Sep 1982Ogden, Weber, Utah I74555 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Josephine  Ogden, Weber, Utah I85623 7_families 
2 Adams, Josephine  Feb 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah I85621 7_families 
3 Ballantyne, Ellie  1 Jun 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785375 7_families 
4 Ballantyne, Ivy  21 Jun 1961Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785366 7_families 
5 Brown, Sarah Ellen  11 May 1968Ogden, Weber, Utah I85617 7_families 
6 Buck, David Harmon  13 May 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah I107588 7_families 
7 Buck, Laura Elizabeth  29 Jan 1934Ogden, Weber, Utah I107583 7_families 
8 Campbell, Helaman Releigh  Apr 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785389 7_families 
9 Cassity, Thomas Julian  18 Jul 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032296 7_families 
10 Chase, Diana Severance  8 Sep 1886Ogden, Weber, Utah I6163820 7_families 
11 Child, Alberta  19 Mar 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785378 7_families 
12 Child, Bell  16 Sep 1909Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785381 7_families 
13 Child, Benjamin  8 Dec 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785382 7_families 
14 Child, Don Ballantyne  19 Jun 1981Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785380 7_families 
15 Child, Harrison Barber  7 Dec 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785376 7_families 
16 Child, Jenness  Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785383 7_families 
17 Child, Lile Edith  1 May 1959Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785377 7_families 
18 Child, Richard Warren  31 Jan 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785379 7_families 
19 Child, William Hubert  16 May 1979Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154100 7_families 
20 Clark, Elizabeth Frances  Jun 1872Ogden, Weber, Utah I6168683 7_families 
21 Clontz, Ray Ernest  Aug 1971Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154122 7_families 
22 Durfee, Ida Lillian  Aug 1901Ogden, Weber, Utah I25347111 7_families 
23 Durfee, Lola Ann Montez  3 Feb 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah I25347110 7_families 
24 Durfee, Thomas Jefferson  Feb 1897Ogden, Weber, Utah I448840 7_families 
25 Faulkner, John Thomas  3 Apr 1919Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154084 7_families 
26 Faulkner, Nora Bell  19 Aug 1963Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154085 7_families 
27 Henstra, Ruby  6 Mar 1977Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154113 7_families 
28 McGarrah, Jane  Ogden, Weber, Utah I14480682 7_families 
29 Petersen, Madge  Mar 1998Ogden, Weber, Utah I41032301 7_families 
30 Sabey, Colleen  Nov 2007Ogden, Weber, Utah I45604734 7_families 
31 Sanford, Charlotte Amelia  30 Oct 1906Ogden, Weber, Utah I448833 7_families 
32 Stephens, Ruth Amanda  9 Oct 1991Ogden, Weber, Utah I31048673 7_families 
33 Wilson, Clifford Lewis  18 Feb 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154092 7_families 
34 Wilson, Edna Beverly  18 Jul 1926Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154098 7_families 
35 Wilson, Ernest Franklin  12 Sep 1999Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154093 7_families 
36 Wilson, Harold Floyd  11 Apr 1930Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154099 7_families 
37 Wilson, Lewis Dunbar  15 May 1972Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154089 7_families 
38 Wilson, Mahala Elizabeth  26 Apr 1909Ogden, Weber, Utah I24785339 7_families 
39 Wilson, Rosaline  9 Dec 1988Ogden, Weber, Utah I46154090 7_families 
40 Woodberry, Lola Agnes  2 Jan 1938Ogden, Weber, Utah I60846929 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Debry, Francisus  1900Ogden, Weber, Utah I60471954 7_families 
2 Garner, Florence Elzina  1920Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970994 7_families 
3 Garner, Florence Elzina  1930Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970994 7_families 
4 Jackson, Beulah  1930Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970995 7_families 
5 Jackson, Clifford Dale  1930Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970996 7_families 
6 Jackson, Lawrence Ray  1920Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970992 7_families 
7 Jackson, Lawrence Ray  1930Ogden, Weber, Utah I45970992 7_families 
8 Jackson, Walter Clyde  1920Ogden, Weber, Utah I45873569 7_families 
9 Lee, Delbert Henry  1920Ogden, Weber, Utah I58644 7_families 
10 Mills, Claire  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31998119 7_families 
11 Mills, Fanny  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31998117 7_families 
12 Mills, Hazel  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31998118 7_families 
13 Mills, John M.  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31946768 7_families 
14 Mills, John Martin  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31905060 7_families 
15 Mills, Kenneth  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31946770 7_families 
16 Mills, Martin Walderfin  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I8890666 7_families 
17 Reid, Agnes Jane  1910Ogden, Weber, Utah I31905061 7_families 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dransfield, Arnold  5 Jun 1917Ogden, Weber, Utah I29496937 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Booth  25 Apr 1933Ogden, Weber, Utah F2839101 7_families 
2 Beck / Featherstone  18 Sep 1915Ogden, Weber, Utah F4495 7_families 
3 Buck / Benington  16 May 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah F39483 7_families 
4 Buck / Christensen  25 Feb 1920Ogden, Weber, Utah F39492 7_families 
5 Butler / Wilson  20 Nov 1934Ogden, Weber, Utah F15288636 7_families 
6 Child / Wilson  21 Jan 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah F15355384 7_families 
7 Dinsdale / Durfee  Jul 1876Ogden, Weber, Utah F8222822 7_families 
8 Dinsdale / Durfee  23 Dec 1879Ogden, Weber, Utah F8222861 7_families 
9 Eddy / Faulkner  21 Aug 1907Ogden, Weber, Utah F15355395 7_families 
10 Faulkner / Durfee  1886Ogden, Weber, Utah F8223491 7_families 
11 Grundie / Petersen  13 Dec 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah F13658667 7_families 
12 Osiek / Jackson  20 Apr 1945Ogden, Weber, Utah F8222826 7_families 
13 Raymond / Wilson  16 Aug 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah F15288635 7_families 
14 Wilson / Faulkner  17 Mar 1905Ogden, Weber, Utah F15355383 7_families 
15 Wilson / Jackson  28 Aug 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah F15288632 7_families 
16 Wilson / Zabriskie  11 May 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah F15288633 7_families 
17 Winward / Findlay  26 Jan 1946Ogden, Weber, Utah F12547256 7_families 
18 Yancey / Woodberry  26 Aug 1937Ogden, Weber, Utah F20520105 7_families