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Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 39.60677, Longitude: -90.80536


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fletcher, Araminta Cecelia  18 Sep 1833Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I31837089 7_families 
2 Gleckler, Harold Pence  21 Jun 1879Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94390263 7_families 
3 Gleckler, William F.  16 Aug 1876Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94390258 7_families 
4 Green, Arthur  1874Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146031 7_families 
5 Green, Arthur  1874Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282680 7_families 
6 Green, Edmond  1869Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146030 7_families 
7 Green, Edmond  1869Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282679 7_families 
8 Green, Fanny E.  1865Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145429 7_families 
9 Green, Fanny E.  1865Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282078 7_families 
10 Green, Henry Charles  Abt 1844Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145430 7_families 
11 Green, Henry Charles  Abt 1844Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282079 7_families 
12 Green, Mabel  1878Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146032 7_families 
13 Green, Mabel  1878Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282681 7_families 
14 Green, Mary  1866Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146029 7_families 
15 Green, Mary  1866Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282678 7_families 
16 Green, Mary J.  1848Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145432 7_families 
17 Green, Mary J.  1848Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282081 7_families 
18 Green, William B.  1842Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145431 7_families 
19 Green, William B.  1842Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282080 7_families 
20 Jones, Lillian May  1866Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851193 7_families 
21 Jones, Minnie M.  8 May 1862Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851192 7_families 
22 Rowe, Adah Valencia  02 Jan 1929Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655635 7_families 
23 Rowe, Betty Lew  May 1927Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655634 7_families 
24 Rowe, Eva Ann  21 Jan 1924Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655633 7_families 
25 Sanford, Allan S.  6 Oct 1842Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987243 7_families 
26 Sanford, Charlotte E.  18 Jan 1847Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987245 7_families 
27 Sanford, Dulecena  23 Nov 1856Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987247 7_families 
28 Sanford, Francis  8 Aug 1849Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987246 7_families 
29 Sanford, Jerome  24 Jun 1858Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987248 7_families 
30 Sanford, Mary J.  25 Feb 1851Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987250 7_families 
31 Sanford, Robert  24 Aug 1862Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987249 7_families 
32 Sanford, Sarah E.  29 Jan 1845Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987244 7_families 
33 Tippetts, Ada Mary  24 Oct 1882Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655630 7_families 
34 Tippetts, Faye Hawthorne  23 Oct 1892Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655631 7_families 
35 Tippetts, James Darwin  2 Jan 1858Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655629 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gleckler, Harold Ray  30 Sep 1977Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94390265 7_families 
2 Green, Henry Charles  19 Apr 1898Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145430 7_families 
3 Green, Henry Charles  19 Apr 1898Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282079 7_families 
4 Jones, Americus  20 Apr 1894Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448841 7_families 
5 Jones, Catherine  12 Nov 1897Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851190 7_families 
6 Jones, Eva Ann  23 Apr 1907Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851191 7_families 
7 Little, Donald Dale  13 Feb 1990Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655660 7_families 
8 Robinson, Irl Allen  24 Aug 1955Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655647 7_families 
9 Rowe, Adah Valencia  13 Feb 1941Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655635 7_families 
10 Rowe, Betty Lew  24 Aug 1955Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655634 7_families 
11 Rowe, Lewis Edward  29 Oct 1964Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655632 7_families 
12 Sanford, Francis  30 Mar 1851Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987246 7_families 
13 Sanford, Mary  11 Aug 1868Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448834 7_families 
14 Sanford, Robert  24 Aug 1862Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987249 7_families 
15 Sanford, Solomon  23 Apr 1847Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I441507 7_families 
16 Tippetts, Ada Mary  10 Dec 1908Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655630 7_families 
17 Tippetts, Faye Hawthorne  5 Jul 1969Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655631 7_families 
18 Tippetts, James Darwin  22 Mar 1922Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655629 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jones, Americus  Apr 1894Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448841 7_families 
2 Jones, Catherine  Nov 1897Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851190 7_families 
3 Jones, Eva Ann  Apr 1907Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851191 7_families 
4 Robinson, Irl Allen  Aug 1955Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655647 7_families 
5 Rowe, Adah Valencia  16 Feb 1941Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655635 7_families 
6 Rowe, Betty Lew  Aug 1955Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655634 7_families 
7 Rowe, Eva Ann  Feb 2008Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655633 7_families 
8 Rowe, Lewis Edward  31 Oct 1964Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655632 7_families 
9 Sanford, Mary  Aug 1868Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448834 7_families 
10 Taylor, William Pim  15 Jun 1862Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448842 7_families 
11 Tippetts, Ada Mary  Dec 1908Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655630 7_families 
12 Tippetts, Faye Hawthorne  Jul 1969Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655631 7_families 
13 Tippetts, James Darwin  Mar 1922Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25655629 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ferguson, Elizabeth S.  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94385257 7_families 
2 Gleckler, Harold Pence  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94390263 7_families 
3 Gleckler, Werter D.  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94390257 7_families 
4 Gleckler, William F.  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I94390258 7_families 
5 Green, Anna E.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145428 7_families 
6 Green, Anna E.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282077 7_families 
7 Green, Arthur  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146031 7_families 
8 Green, Arthur  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282680 7_families 
9 Green, Edmond  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146030 7_families 
10 Green, Edmond  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282679 7_families 
11 Green, Edmond  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146030 7_families 
12 Green, Edmond  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282679 7_families 
13 Green, Fanny E.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145429 7_families 
14 Green, Fanny E.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282078 7_families 
15 Green, Mabel  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146032 7_families 
16 Green, Mabel  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282681 7_families 
17 Green, Mary  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146029 7_families 
18 Green, Mary  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282678 7_families 
19 Green, Mary  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25146029 7_families 
20 Green, Mary  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282678 7_families 
21 Green, Orin  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448839 7_families 
22 Green, Orin  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25155659 7_families 
23 Green, William B.  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145431 7_families 
24 Green, William B.  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282080 7_families 
25 Green, William B.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25145431 7_families 
26 Green, William B.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25282080 7_families 
27 Jones, Americus  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448841 7_families 
28 Jones, Americus  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448841 7_families 
29 Jones, Catherine  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851190 7_families 
30 Jones, Catherine  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851190 7_families 
31 Jones, Eva Ann  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851191 7_families 
32 Jones, Eva Ann  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851191 7_families 
33 Jones, Eva Ann  1900Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851191 7_families 
34 Jones, Lillian May  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851193 7_families 
35 Jones, Lillian May  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851193 7_families 
36 Jones, Mary Todd  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448838 7_families 
37 Jones, Minnie M.  1870Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851192 7_families 
38 Jones, Minnie M.  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24851192 7_families 
39 Sanford, Allan S.  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987243 7_families 
40 Sanford, Belinda  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448832 7_families 
41 Sanford, Belinda  1880Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I25155652 7_families 
42 Sanford, Charlotte E.  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987245 7_families 
43 Sanford, Dulecena  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987247 7_families 
44 Sanford, Ephraim  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448831 7_families 
45 Sanford, Jerome  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987248 7_families 
46 Sanford, Mary J.  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987250 7_families 
47 Sanford, Sarah E.  1860Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I24987244 7_families 
48 Sanford, Sophia  1850Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I448829 7_families 
49 Thornton, Abel Leonard Crandall  1850Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I31837082 7_families 
50 Thornton, Ephraim  1850Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I31837135 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Move    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lawrence, Araminta Miranda Adelia  1843Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I439244 7_families 
2 Lawrence, John  1843Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I439273 7_families 
3 Sanford, Rhoda  1843Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois I439274 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Tippetts / Jones  11 Oct 1882Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois F8302755 7_families