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Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 43.05739, Longitude: -70.785856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Abby E.  1830Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I66646917 7_families 
2 Churchill, Arthur  25 Nov 1728Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057808 7_families 
3 Churchill, Benjamin  13 Oct 1741Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057814 7_families 
4 Churchill, Daniel  21 Oct 1721Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057805 7_families 
5 Churchill, Ebenezer  6 Jun 1726Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057807 7_families 
6 Churchill, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1740Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057813 7_families 
7 Churchill, John  8 Sep 1719Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057804 7_families 
8 Churchill, Joseph  25 Mar 1744Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057815 7_families 
9 Churchill, Martha  15 Oct 1737Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057812 7_families 
10 Churchill, Mary  4 Mar 1724Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057806 7_families 
11 Churchill, Sanford  20 May 1733Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057810 7_families 
12 Churchill, Tobias  26 Jan 1735Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057811 7_families 
13 Churchill, William  14 Mar 1732Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057809 7_families 
14 Cotton, Benjamin  1665Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183297 7_families 
15 Cotton, John  1650Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183305 7_families 
16 Cotton, Joseph  1661Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183298 7_families 
17 Cotton, Sarah  1657Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183300 7_families 
18 Cotton, Solomon  1655Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183301 7_families 
19 Cotton, Susannah  Abt 1695Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6163880 7_families 
20 Cotton, Thomas  1659Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183299 7_families 
21 Cotton, William  1614Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183311 7_families 
22 Cotton, William  1653Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183302 7_families 
23 Ham, Mrs. Elizabeth  1630Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183303 7_families 
24 Hinks, Katherine Ann  1716Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I54383418 7_families 
25 Hinks, Samuel  1718Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I54383419 7_families 
26 Jackson, Mary  Abt 1698Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I595706 7_families 
27 Mason, Clara  27 Apr 1829Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I40119094 7_families 
28 Mason, Clara  27 Apr 1830Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I40119092 7_families 
29 Tirrell, William Frederick  28 Dec 1918Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I81279 7_families 
30 Tripp, Othniel  5 Jun 1676Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6181376 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1740Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057813 7_families 
2 Churchill, John  7 Oct 1769Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I660837 7_families 
3 Churchill, Mary  21 Sep 1743Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057806 7_families 
4 Churchill, Sanford  3 Jul 1733Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13057810 7_families 
5 Cotton, John  14 Sep 1714Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183305 7_families 
6 Cotton, William  19 Dec 1678Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183311 7_families 
7 Hearle, William  30 Mar 1691Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6183306 7_families 
8 Jackson, Mary  27 Dec 1745Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I595706 7_families 
9 Pierce, Fred Waldo  3 Jun 1863Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I56434394 7_families 
10 Starr, Hannah  19 Nov 1674Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6180663 7_families 
11 Tirrell, William Frederick  29 Dec 1918Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I81279 7_families 
12 White, Sarah  23 Nov 1709Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5873530 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Higgins, Reverend Alexander  Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire I56434224 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Churchill / Jackson  1718Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire F215948 7_families 
2 Cotton / Ham  1650Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1907460 7_families 
3 Drew / Pease  1774Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire F18694160 7_families