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Richland, Fountain, Indiana


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.193096, Longitude: -87.148716


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Ira Alvin  25 Nov 1868Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40953 7_families 
2 Chrisman, Naomi L.  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258203 7_families 
3 Crumley, Alice  30 Sep 1901Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095011 7_families 
4 Crumley, Fred William  25 Jan 1906Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095022 7_families 
5 Crumley, Marvin Lewis  6 Jul 1928Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258331 7_families 
6 Crumley, Ruth Lundy  17 Sep 1891Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34985 7_families 
7 Crumley, Thomas Albert  18 Aug 1869Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40945 7_families 
8 Crumly, Clinton Dewey  20 Jun 1898Richland, Fountain, Indiana I81705049 7_families 
9 Crumly, Henry Waltz  1867Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40946 7_families 
10 Crumly, Leah  Abt 1904Richland, Fountain, Indiana I81705048 7_families 
11 Crumly, Ralph Fredrick  1 Feb 1903Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40944 7_families 
12 Dove, David W.  17 Feb 1846Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40971 7_families 
13 Dove, Debra B.  19 Aug 1875Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40901 7_families 
14 Dove, Herman A.  21 Aug 1877Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40900 7_families 
15 Dove, Mozena Ellen  17 Apr 1869Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40902 7_families 
16 Gardner, Emery E.  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I81069900 7_families 
17 Huff, Arthur B.  Sep 1871Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40938 7_families 
18 Huff, Charles Emery  16 Nov 1864Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40940 7_families 
19 Huff, Edgar A.  Feb 1868Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40939 7_families 
20 Huff, Elbert W.  Abt 1875Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40937 7_families 
21 Huff, Fred David  3 Jun 1877Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40936 7_families 
22 Huff, Lela Mae  4 May 1883Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40925 7_families 
23 Huff, Lucy  Feb 1888Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40911 7_families 
24 Short, Walter Freeman  28 Mar 1901Richland, Fountain, Indiana I58714 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crumly, Henry Waltz  25 Apr 1932Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40946 7_families 
2 Huff, Arthur B.  Feb 1932Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40938 7_families 
3 Huff, Elbert W.  2 Jan 1894Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40937 7_families 
4 McKnight, Edith  3 Apr 1951Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40943 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Abraham  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I14521 7_families 
2 Bennett, Amanda Ellen  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40989 7_families 
3 Bennett, Amanda Ellen  1900Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40989 7_families 
4 Bennett, Amanda Ellen  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40989 7_families 
5 Bennett, Amanda Ellen  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40989 7_families 
6 Bennett, Ira Alvin  1930Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40953 7_families 
7 Bennett, Iva Marie  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40883 7_families 
8 Bennett, Margaret Sarah  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40988 7_families 
9 Bennett, Walter A.  1930Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40882 7_families 
10 Chrisman, Alice May  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258201 7_families 
11 Chrisman, Arthur L.  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258204 7_families 
12 Chrisman, Eugene Joseph  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34984 7_families 
13 Chrisman, Naomi L.  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258203 7_families 
14 Chrisman, Ona Irene  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82257812 7_families 
15 Crumley, Alice  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095011 7_families 
16 Crumley, Alice  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095011 7_families 
17 Crumley, Fred William  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095022 7_families 
18 Crumley, Fred William  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095022 7_families 
19 Crumley, Fred William  1930Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82095022 7_families 
20 Crumley, Irene Marian  1900Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34983 7_families 
21 Crumley, Irene Marian  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34983 7_families 
22 Crumley, Leona P.  1930Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258333 7_families 
23 Crumley, Leona P.  1940Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258333 7_families 
24 Crumley, Marvin Lewis  1930Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258331 7_families 
25 Crumley, Marvin Lewis  1940Richland, Fountain, Indiana I82258331 7_families 
26 Crumley, Roy  1900Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34989 7_families 
27 Crumley, Roy  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34989 7_families 
28 Crumley, Ruth Lundy  1900Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34985 7_families 
29 Crumley, Ruth Lundy  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34985 7_families 
30 Crumley, Thomas Albert  1870Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40945 7_families 
31 Crumley, Thomas Albert  1900Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40945 7_families 
32 Crumley, Thomas Albert  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40945 7_families 
33 Crumley, Thomas Albert  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40945 7_families 
34 Crumley, Ward Riffle  1900Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34972 7_families 
35 Crumley, Ward Riffle  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34972 7_families 
36 Crumley, Ward Riffle  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34972 7_families 
37 Crumley, Ward Riffle  1930Richland, Fountain, Indiana I34972 7_families 
38 Crumly, Clinton Dewey  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I81705049 7_families 
39 Crumly, Clinton Dewey  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I81705049 7_families 
40 Crumly, Dorothy Joanne  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40941 7_families 
41 Crumly, Henry Waltz  1870Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40946 7_families 
42 Crumly, Henry Waltz  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40946 7_families 
43 Crumly, Lena J  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40942 7_families 
44 Crumly, Ralph Fredrick  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40944 7_families 
45 Dove, David W.  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40971 7_families 
46 Dove, Debra B.  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40901 7_families 
47 Dove, Herman A.  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40900 7_families 
48 Dove, Mozena Ellen  1880Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40902 7_families 
49 Drollinger, Della  1920Richland, Fountain, Indiana I40950 7_families 
50 Gardner, Emery E.  1910Richland, Fountain, Indiana I81069900 7_families 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Crumley / Nine  Jun 1925Richland, Fountain, Indiana F27951222 7_families 
2 Crumly / McKnight  1 Feb 1903Richland, Fountain, Indiana F28039808 7_families