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Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.732, Longitude: -70.81977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Abigail Ann  26 Aug 1861Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242463 7_families 
2 Atwood, Annie Eliza  9 Jun 1857Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242388 7_families 
3 Atwood, Huldah  17 Mar 1872Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242392 7_families 
4 Atwood, Martha Caroline  1 Sep 1854Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242387 7_families 
5 Atwood, Ruth  12 Oct 1899Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242346 7_families 
6 Atwood, William B.  9 Apr 1864Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241497 7_families 
7 Bennett, Bartlett  13 Sep 1799Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86060 7_families 
8 Bennett, Deborah  9 Sep 1803Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86061 7_families 
9 Bennett, Dennis  13 Sep 1799Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86059 7_families 
10 Bennett, Lydia  31 Jan 1806Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86062 7_families 
11 Bennett, Maria Holmes  8 Apr 1815Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86065 7_families 
12 Bennett, Sullivan  9 Jan 1808Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86064 7_families 
13 Bennett, Sumner  9 Jan 1809Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86063 7_families 
14 Blackwell, Alice  19 May 1725Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260961 7_families 
15 Blackwell, Bethia  31 Dec 1722Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260960 7_families 
16 Blackwell, Jane  7 Feb 1711Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260956 7_families 
17 Blackwell, John  21 Mar 1718Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260958 7_families 
18 Blackwell, Mary  30 Jun 1720Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260959 7_families 
19 Blackwell, Sarah  1715Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260957 7_families 
20 Blackwell, Seth  1 Nov 1729Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260962 7_families 
21 Bradford, Hannah Thomas  3 Dec 1838Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61437032 7_families 
22 Briggs, Cornelius  16 Nov 1705Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16319321 7_families 
23 Briggs, Elisha  8 Mar 1738-1739Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364371 7_families 
24 Briggs, John  22 Nov 1730Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364376 7_families 
25 Briggs, Nathaniel  21 Jul 1733Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364375 7_families 
26 Briggs, Ruth  12 May 1732Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364372 7_families 
27 Briggs, Ruth  25 May 1735Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364373 7_families 
28 Briggs, Susanna  20 Jun 1737Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364374 7_families 
29 Briggs, William  25 Feb 1802Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242274 7_families 
30 Briggs, Zephaniah  20 Dec 1742Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364377 7_families 
31 Burgess, Joanna  9 Aug 1805Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364892 7_families 
32 Burgess, Joanna  9 Aug 1805Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22284629 7_families 
33 Burgess, Sophronia  19 Jul 1807Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16377615 7_families 
34 Clark, Alexander Bacon  11 Jun 1865Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241784 7_families 
35 Cobb, Edward Warren  11 Apr 1823Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16366553 7_families 
36 Cobb, Hannah Burgess  24 May 1825Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16366554 7_families 
37 Cobb, Oliver  18 Feb 1828Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16366555 7_families 
38 Cobb, Sarah Everson  19 Aug 1820Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16366552 7_families 
39 Doty, Eleanor  25 Sep 1715Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17649913 7_families 
40 Edwards, Shubert P.  Abt 1829Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241818 7_families 
41 Freeman, Hannah W.  Dec 1856Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241606 7_families 
42 Gammons, Ebenezer Nelson  22 Feb 1847Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242655 7_families 
43 Gammons, Ephraim Henry  1 Feb 1845Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242272 7_families 
44 Gammons, Rachel Ellis  Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I12491814 7_families 
45 Gammons, Rachel Ellis  Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I35606477 7_families 
46 Gammons, Rachel Ellis  Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I35908616 7_families 
47 Guerney, Mercy F.  Abt 1840Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242389 7_families 
48 Hammond, Captain Israel  13 Feb 1792Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364893 7_families 
49 Handy, Ebenezer  Jun 1816Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242335 7_families 
50 Handy, Isaac  5 Apr 1800Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137292 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrows, Clarissa  1807Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137291 7_families 
2 Briggs, John  1 Aug 1736Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364376 7_families 
3 Manter, Belcher  30 Aug 1787Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I47124236 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Emeline Dean  8 Feb 1838Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242328 7_families 
2 Atwood, Ruth  9 Nov 1899Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242346 7_families 
3 Blackwell, Caleb  28 Nov 1762Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16260955 7_families 
4 Bradford, Harvey  6 Oct 1841Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61371914 7_families 
5 Briggs, Cornelius  16 Jun 1764Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16319321 7_families 
6 Briggs, Elisha  14 May 1745Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364371 7_families 
7 Briggs, Ruth  11 Jul 1732Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364372 7_families 
8 Briggs, Ruth  29 Dec 1735Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364373 7_families 
9 Briggs, Susanna  6 May 1750Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364374 7_families 
10 Burgess, Mercy  21 Dec 1866Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16319841 7_families 
11 Burgess, Thankful  13 Nov 1794Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16279238 7_families 
12 Burgess, Zerviah  16 Mar 1860Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16319843 7_families 
13 Cobb, Reverand Oliver  23 Jun 1849Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16366551 7_families 
14 Doty, Joseph  1732Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I606200 7_families 
15 Doty, Joseph  1732Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244626 7_families 
16 Ellis, Deborah  21 Jun 1711Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I603610 7_families 
17 Perry, Jonathan  Aug 1887Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242275 7_families 
18 Raymond, Joanna  13 Sep 1853Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364891 7_families 
19 Robbins, Evelyn Florence  8 Mar 1954Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22355477 7_families 
20 Sampson, Rebecca  Jul 1807Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I35906823 7_families 
21 Taber, Bethiah  6 Aug 1758Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16259171 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Clifford Stanley  Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I40119913 7_families 
2 Bradford, Harvey  Oct 1841Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61371914 7_families 
3 Emery, Pauline Pratt  Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts I40119916 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Westgate  29 Oct 1866Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7248348 7_families 
2 Bennett / Sturtevant  21 Jun 1798Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32157 7_families 
3 Bradford / Hathaway  30 May 1832Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F20762912 7_families 
4 Briggs / Atwood  21 Feb 1843Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7248275 7_families 
5 Burgess / Paine  14 Mar 1779Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5307931 7_families 
6 Clapp / Burgess  23 Dec 1795Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5323512 7_families 
7 Cobb / Burgess  28 Oct 1819Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5324034 7_families 
8 Comstock / Atwood  30 Aug 1866Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7248351 7_families 
9 Dotten / Atwood  5 Apr 1866Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7248349 7_families 
10 Hammond / Burgess  Jul 1831Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5323429 7_families 
11 Handy / Barrows  13 Aug 1828Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F49596 7_families 
12 Lucas / Atwood  11 Jun 1859Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7248335 7_families 
13 Morse / Gammons  Abt 13 Jun 1830Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F11751477 7_families 
14 Morse / Gammons  Abt 13 Jun 1830Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3992954 7_families 
15 Morse / Gammons  Abt 13 Jun 1830Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F11862584 7_families 
16 Shurtleff / Burgess  25 Sep 1842Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5323430 7_families 
17 Shurtleff / Burgess  25 Sep 1842Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7262842 7_families 
18 Starrett / Burgess  9 Jul 1829Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5324036 7_families 
19 Surrey / Atwood  19 Jul 1868Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7248441 7_families 
20 Warren / Washburn  6 Jul 1782Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5280891 7_families