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Treswell, Nottingham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burker, Mary  Abt 1711Treswell, Nottingham, England I15439 7_families 
2 Hall, Elizabeth  Abt 1687Treswell, Nottingham, England I15300 7_families 
3 Hoggard, Alice  1560Treswell, Nottingham, England I15283 7_families 
4 Hoggard, Ann  8 Sep 1582Treswell, Nottingham, England I15236 7_families 
5 Hoggard, Ann  Abt 1641Treswell, Nottingham, England I15287 7_families 
6 Hoggard, Anna  Abt 1665Treswell, Nottingham, England I10195 7_families 
7 Hoggard, Anne  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15294 7_families 
8 Hoggard, Anne  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15304 7_families 
9 Hoggard, Anne  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15314 7_families 
10 Hoggard, Anne  Abt 1562Treswell, Nottingham, England I15284 7_families 
11 Hoggard, Anne  7 May 1620Treswell, Nottingham, England I15230 7_families 
12 Hoggard, Anne  1 Aug 1630Treswell, Nottingham, England I15249 7_families 
13 Hoggard, Anne  27 May 1659Treswell, Nottingham, England I15475 7_families 
14 Hoggard, Daughter  1 Feb 1695Treswell, Nottingham, England I15437 7_families 
15 Hoggard, Elizabeth  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15302 7_families 
16 Hoggard, Elizabeth  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15435 7_families 
17 Hoggard, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1634-1636Treswell, Nottingham, England I15250 7_families 
18 Hoggard, Elizabeth  14 Nov 1696Treswell, Nottingham, England I15297 7_families 
19 Hoggard, Elizabeth  4 Jun 1700Treswell, Nottingham, England I21265 7_families 
20 Hoggard, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1718Treswell, Nottingham, England I10100 7_families 
21 Hoggard, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1719Treswell, Nottingham, England I53771 7_families 
22 Hoggard, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1721Treswell, Nottingham, England I15277 7_families 
23 Hoggard, Frances  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15313 7_families 
24 Hoggard, Francis  19 Jul 1622Treswell, Nottingham, England I15246 7_families 
25 Hoggard, Francis  12 Sep 1624Treswell, Nottingham, England I15478 7_families 
26 Hoggard, Isabel  Abt 1575Treswell, Nottingham, England I15285 7_families 
27 Hoggard, Jane  1 Sep 1577Treswell, Nottingham, England I15235 7_families 
28 Hoggard, John  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15275 7_families 
29 Hoggard, John  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15298 7_families 
30 Hoggard, John  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15310 7_families 
31 Hoggard, John  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15316 7_families 
32 Hoggard, John  Abt 1535Treswell, Nottingham, England I15281 7_families 
33 Hoggard, John  Abt 1536Treswell, Nottingham, England I15282 7_families 
34 Hoggard, John  3 Jun 1579Treswell, Nottingham, England I10103 7_families 
35 Hoggard, John  12 Apr 1607Treswell, Nottingham, England I15225 7_families 
36 Hoggard, John  1636Treswell, Nottingham, England I15251 7_families 
37 Hoggard, John  3 Jun 1638Treswell, Nottingham, England I15288 7_families 
38 Hoggard, Margaret  22 Apr 1586Treswell, Nottingham, England I15238 7_families 
39 Hoggard, Mary  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15248 7_families 
40 Hoggard, Mary  15 Nov 1610Treswell, Nottingham, England I15227 7_families 
41 Hoggard, Mary  Abt 1640Treswell, Nottingham, England I10187 7_families 
42 Hoggard, Mary  7 Nov 1695-1696Treswell, Nottingham, England I15295 7_families 
43 Hoggard, Mary  7 Oct 1724Treswell, Nottingham, England I15305 7_families 
44 Hoggard, Mary  19 May 1725Treswell, Nottingham, England I53770 7_families 
45 Hoggard, Nathaniel  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15293 7_families 
46 Hoggard, Nathaniel  Abt 1634Treswell, Nottingham, England I10185 7_families 
47 Hoggard, Nathaniel  1663Treswell, Nottingham, England I15291 7_families 
48 Hoggard, Phillip  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15315 7_families 
49 Hoggard, Richard  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15301 7_families 
50 Hoggard, Richard  1557Treswell, Nottingham, England I15233 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoggard, Agnes  1614Treswell, Nottingham, England I15228 7_families 
2 Hoggard, Amey  12 Jan 1730Treswell, Nottingham, England I10198 7_families 
3 Hoggard, Ann  12 Jan 1730Treswell, Nottingham, England I15441 7_families 
4 Hoggard, Anne  2 Feb 1611Treswell, Nottingham, England I15226 7_families 
5 Hoggard, Anne  1 Apr 1691Treswell, Nottingham, England I15294 7_families 
6 Hoggard, Anne  28 Feb 1715Treswell, Nottingham, England I15304 7_families 
7 Hoggard, Anne  2 Dec 1719Treswell, Nottingham, England I15276 7_families 
8 Hoggard, Anne  8 Oct 1722Treswell, Nottingham, England I10102 7_families 
9 Hoggard, Anne  2 Feb 1729Treswell, Nottingham, England I15314 7_families 
10 Hoggard, Daughter  1 Sep 1698Treswell, Nottingham, England I15437 7_families 
11 Hoggard, Elizabeth  15 May 1655Treswell, Nottingham, England I15477 7_families 
12 Hoggard, Elizabeth  14 May 1677Treswell, Nottingham, England I15435 7_families 
13 Hoggard, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1696Treswell, Nottingham, England I15269 7_families 
14 Hoggard, Elizabeth  4 Jun 1700Treswell, Nottingham, England I15297 7_families 
15 Hoggard, Elizabeth  6 Apr 1714Treswell, Nottingham, England I15302 7_families 
16 Hoggard, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1717Treswell, Nottingham, England I10099 7_families 
17 Hoggard, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1718Treswell, Nottingham, England I10100 7_families 
18 Hoggard, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1719Treswell, Nottingham, England I53771 7_families 
19 Hoggard, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1721Treswell, Nottingham, England I15277 7_families 
20 Hoggard, Frances  12 Jan 1724Treswell, Nottingham, England I10197 7_families 
21 Hoggard, Frances  12 Jun 1726Treswell, Nottingham, England I15313 7_families 
22 Hoggard, Francis  20 Nov 1624Treswell, Nottingham, England I15478 7_families 
23 Hoggard, Francis  4 Jan 1699Treswell, Nottingham, England I15271 7_families 
24 Hoggard, John  2 Jul 1615Treswell, Nottingham, England I15229 7_families 
25 Hoggard, John  7 Mar 1678Treswell, Nottingham, England I15436 7_families 
26 Hoggard, John  22 May 1702Treswell, Nottingham, England I15298 7_families 
27 Hoggard, John  15 Sep 1715Treswell, Nottingham, England I15275 7_families 
28 Hoggard, John  22 Dec 1719Treswell, Nottingham, England I10101 7_families 
29 Hoggard, John  19 Jan 1721Treswell, Nottingham, England I15310 7_families 
30 Hoggard, John  20 Nov 1734Treswell, Nottingham, England I15316 7_families 
31 Hoggard, Mary  20 Sep 1627Treswell, Nottingham, England I15248 7_families 
32 Hoggard, Mary  11 Sep 1680Treswell, Nottingham, England I126297 7_families 
33 Hoggard, Mary  8 Sep 1683Treswell, Nottingham, England I126296 7_families 
34 Hoggard, Mary  17 Nov 1696Treswell, Nottingham, England I15295 7_families 
35 Hoggard, Mary  12 Oct 1713Treswell, Nottingham, England I15296 7_families 
36 Hoggard, Mary  7 Dec 1714Treswell, Nottingham, England I10098 7_families 
37 Hoggard, Mary  13 Aug 1717Treswell, Nottingham, England I15480 7_families 
38 Hoggard, Mary  12 Oct 1724Treswell, Nottingham, England I15305 7_families 
39 Hoggard, Nathaniel  4 Jul 1609Treswell, Nottingham, England I8648 7_families 
40 Hoggard, Nathaniel  3 May 1655Treswell, Nottingham, England I10189 7_families 
41 Hoggard, Nathaniel  10 Oct 1684Treswell, Nottingham, England I15293 7_families 
42 Hoggard, Nathaniel  24 May 1692Treswell, Nottingham, England I8647 7_families 
43 Hoggard, Obeling  1619Treswell, Nottingham, England I15479 7_families 
44 Hoggard, Phillip  21 May 1732Treswell, Nottingham, England I15315 7_families 
45 Hoggard, Richard  5 Mar 1656Treswell, Nottingham, England I15433 7_families 
46 Hoggard, Richard  20 Dec 1692Treswell, Nottingham, England I2274 7_families 
47 Hoggard, Richard  16 Oct 1712Treswell, Nottingham, England I15301 7_families 
48 Hoggard, Richard  16 Oct 1712Treswell, Nottingham, England I15481 7_families 
49 Hoggard, Richard  18 Jan 1728Treswell, Nottingham, England I15279 7_families 
50 Hoggard, Richard  2 Jun 1728Treswell, Nottingham, England I15442 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoggard, Agnes  12 May 1614Treswell, Nottingham, England I15228 7_families 
2 Hoggard, Ann  5 Nov 1660Treswell, Nottingham, England I15287 7_families 
3 Hoggard, Anne  2 Feb 1634Treswell, Nottingham, England I15249 7_families 
4 Hoggard, Elizabeth  Bef 16 Aug 1718Treswell, Nottingham, England I10099 7_families 
5 Hoggard, Frances  Treswell, Nottingham, England I15313 7_families 
6 Hoggard, Frances  3 Dec 1685Treswell, Nottingham, England I53768 7_families 
7 Hoggard, Francis  2 Nov 1623Treswell, Nottingham, England I15246 7_families 
8 Hoggard, Francis  1656Treswell, Nottingham, England I15473 7_families 
9 Hoggard, John  11 Jan 1573Treswell, Nottingham, England I15281 7_families 
10 Hoggard, John  24 May 1608Treswell, Nottingham, England I15225 7_families 
11 Hoggard, John  4 Feb 1721Treswell, Nottingham, England I15310 7_families 
12 Hoggard, John  Aug 1721Treswell, Nottingham, England I10101 7_families 
13 Hoggard, Mary  2 Sep 1725Treswell, Nottingham, England I53770 7_families 
14 Hoggard, Mary  7 Oct 1725-1726Treswell, Nottingham, England I15305 7_families 
15 Hoggard, Mary  7 Apr 1738Treswell, Nottingham, England I15308 7_families 
16 Hoggard, Nathaniel  2 Mar 1672Treswell, Nottingham, England I8648 7_families 
17 Hoggard, Nathaniel  13 Sep 1698Treswell, Nottingham, England I8647 7_families 
18 Hoggard, Richard  29 Jan 1588Treswell, Nottingham, England I15233 7_families 
19 Hoggard, Richard  1660Treswell, Nottingham, England I15237 7_families 
20 Hoggard, Richard  Bef 1730Treswell, Nottingham, England I15481 7_families 
21 Hoggard, Richard  Mar 1730Treswell, Nottingham, England I15279 7_families 
22 Hoggard, William  Mar 1619Treswell, Nottingham, England I15239 7_families 
23 Hoggard, William  Abt 1656Treswell, Nottingham, England I15432 7_families 
24 Hoggard, William  30 Aug 1678Treswell, Nottingham, England I8650 7_families 
25 South, Sarah  7 Sep 1661Treswell, Nottingham, England I15472 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barker, Ann  29 May 1749Treswell, Nottingham, England I21450 7_families 
2 Hoggard, Elizabeth  13 May 1701Treswell, Nottingham, England I15297 7_families 
3 Hoggard, Frances  16 Jan 1728Treswell, Nottingham, England I15313 7_families 
4 Hoggard, John  Aug 1721Treswell, Nottingham, England I10101 7_families 
5 Hoggard, Mary  2 Sep 1726-1727Treswell, Nottingham, England I15305 7_families 
6 Hoggard, Miriam  7 Nov 1691Treswell, Nottingham, England I15289 7_families 
7 Hoggard, Richard  2 Apr 1730Treswell, Nottingham, England I15279 7_families 
8 Hoggard, Richard  2 Apr 1730Treswell, Nottingham, England I15442 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cobb / Hoggard  27 Nov 1734Treswell, Nottingham, England F4867 7_families 
2 Hoggard / Barker  2 Jun 1728Treswell, Nottingham, England F7019 7_families 
3 Hoggard / Burker  2 Jun 1728Treswell, Nottingham, England F7027 7_families 
4 Hoggard / Hall  13 Nov 1710Treswell, Nottingham, England F7025 7_families 
5 Hoggard / Harrison  13 Nov 1684Treswell, Nottingham, England F7022 7_families 
6 Hoggard / Hoggard  Abt 1555Treswell, Nottingham, England F7008 7_families 
7 Hoggard / Hoggard  1578Treswell, Nottingham, England F4869 7_families 
8 Hoggard / Hoggard  Abt 1638Treswell, Nottingham, England F7011 7_families 
9 Hoggard / Hoggard  Abt 1654Treswell, Nottingham, England F1217 7_families 
10 Hoggard / Hoggard  1658Treswell, Nottingham, England F7021 7_families 
11 Hoggard / Hoggard  Abt 1675Treswell, Nottingham, England F7061 7_families 
12 Hoggard / Hoggard  1718Treswell, Nottingham, England F7026 7_families 
13 Hoggard / Holder  22 Jun 1611Treswell, Nottingham, England F7009 7_families 
14 Hoggard / Renoulds  24 May 1692Treswell, Nottingham, England F1216 7_families 
15 Hoggard / Robinson  22 Mar 1722Treswell, Nottingham, England F7017 7_families 
16 Hoggard / South  6 Sep 1656Treswell, Nottingham, England F7068 7_families 
17 Moss / Hoggard  4 May 1755Treswell, Nottingham, England F4903 7_families 
18 Olluent / Hoggard  20 Mar 1736Treswell, Nottingham, England F7028 7_families 
19 Quibell / Hoggard  8 Jun 1723Treswell, Nottingham, England F7024 7_families 
20 Robinson / Hoggard  21 Aug 1710Treswell, Nottingham, England F7016 7_families 
21 Trampell / Hoggard  26 Nov 1580Treswell, Nottingham, England F7020 7_families