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1. 1400's Births Shows all people born in the 1400's 
2. 1500's Births Shows all people born in the 1500's 
3. Birth's between 1600 and 1650 Shows all people born between 1600 and 1650. 
4. Deaths by decade Deaths by decade 
5. Documents not necessarily tied to a specific event Many documents are created that are not necessarily tied to any specific major event in our lives. This report shows those types of documents on this site. In some cases, I've used documents as the photo of the individual, because no photos exist for them. 
6. Individuals by place of burial Individuals listed by their place of burial 
7. Individuals with nicknames Individuals with nicknames 
8. Last Names with a Suffix Individuals with a suffix on their surname 
9. Titles Titles with corresponding names. 
10. Births - Plymouth Co. People who were born in Plymouth County, Massachusetts