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Earl Clyde Huggard

Earl Clyde Huggard

Male 1915 - 1986  (70 years)


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Max Hyrum Huggard Earl Clyde Huggard Frank Ashton Huggard Annie Aleta Huggard Mary Myla Huggard Effie Marie Huggard Ethel Ashton Franklin Huggard Mabel Elsie Huggard

Frank and Ethel Huggard family

Back L-R: Jim, Max, Earl, Frank
Center: L-R: Blanche, Aleta, Mary
Front: L-R: Effie, Ethel, Frank, Mabel

Linked toEthel Ashton; Annie Aleta Huggard; Earl Clyde Huggard; Effie Marie Huggard; Frank Ashton Huggard; Franklin Huggard; Mabel Elsie Huggard; Mary Myla Huggard; Max Hyrum Huggard

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